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Looking to broaden and improve your entrepreneurial skills?

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A great business idea sometimes isn’t enough

Many founders and senior leaders in technology-led businesses are often experts in innovation, engineering, science or technology. They often don’t have an equally strong business background and may have spent little time mastering some of the skills that are necessary to win customer orders, to achieve scale or to attract finance.

Identifying gaps in business skills

Let’s face it… any leader in a small business is going to be ‘winging it’ somewhere! Even if the Commercial Director has the best sales techniques and specialist market knowledge, they may not be fully up-to-date on the best way to make the most of social media to reach new customers and build a brand; or the CFO may excel at predicting cashflows and managing burn rate, but may not have first-hand experience of raising capital and detailed knowledge of the expectations of angels, VCs and crowdfunding platforms.

Entrepreneurial skills training can help improve your business success

We are now offering, via The Enterprise Europe Network, free training workshops accredited by School for Startups for innovative entrepreneurs in small and medium sized businesses all around the country.

These entrepreneurial skills training workshops have been specially developed for businesses that have won awards in Innovate UK funding competitions, but there are a limited number of places open to similarly innovative, technology-led, high growth potential SMEs. These workshops are not aimed at individuals who are looking to start a business or for those who are seeking more general business training – if you are in those categories, we’d recommend that you investigate what your Local Enterprise Partnership or Growth Hub can offer or perhaps take a look at the online business training course offered by the Digital Business Academy.

From business modelling and finance skills to marketing and sales skills

These workshops are aimed at helping to enhance the entrepreneurial capability and capacity in the leadership teams of innovative, technology-led SMEs – offering tools, techniques and practical insights to help you achieve your growth objectives in return for your investment of time.

There are five groups of one-day courses:

  1. Intensive Business Modelling Bootcamp
  2. Marketing and Sales
  3. Organisation and People
  4. Finance and Capital
  5. Structure and Risk Management

Choosing the right entrepreneurial skills workshop

Courses may be selected individually, but we believe that there are natural 'groupings' of topics and that many SMEs are likely to benefit from attending each of the courses in that group.

Start with the Intensive Business Modelling Bootcamp

The Intensive Business Modelling workshops are designed for the business' core team (founders or senior leadership team). Businesses are strongly encouraged to invest the time in participating in the full “Intensive Business Modelling” Three Day Bootcamp (defining, developing and testing/refining), plus some of the other courses will make a lot more sense if preceded by the bootcamp, thus ensuring you get maximum value from attending the courses.

Schedule of entrepreneurial skills workshops

The schedule of courses is searchable by topic and location. If you are interested in participating, use this link to contact the Enterprise Europe Network and discuss whether a workshop will be right for your business. Please note that these workshops are proving very popular in some locations and we can’t always guarantee that places will be available.

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