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Meet the Family - the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN)

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 Established to build better links between science, creativity and business, the KTN brings together businesses, entrepreneurs, academics and funders to develop new products, processes and services.

We work with large and small companies, government agencies and research organisations, with tech hubs and start-ups, public funding bodies, VC's and private investors. We have built a unique network that exists to stimulate and accelerate innovation to benefit the UK economically, socially and environmentally.

Working across industries

KTN comprises 16 specialist teams covering key sectors of the economy – from defence and aerospace to the creative industries, the built environment to biotechnology. We also has five cross-cutting business programmes: Design, Access to Funding and Finance, High Value Manufacturing, Horizon 2020, and International.

Our aims

We aim to:

  • Increase business-led Research & Development (R&D) in the UK
  • Facilitate the exploitation of R&D to help the UK capture more value from innovation
  • Increase collaboration between businesses (B2B) and between businesses and the research base (B2R) to benefit the UK
  • Be the ‘go to’ organisation for businesses wanting to innovate

How we can help you

In the last five years, we have helped thousands of businesses secure funding to drive innovation – and we support them throughout their business cycle to see that investment through to success.  KTN has an online community of 60,000 members and through its programme of events, it brings together over 20,000 delegates every year.

At the KTN we can help:

  • Connect with over 60,000 members across all industries and technologies
  • Access expertise about projects, markets and research
  • Connect to UK and EU public funding calls and programmes
  • Engage with disruptive technologies in specialist groups
  • Collaborate with industry and the research base
  • Get help to build the business case for investment
  • Develop more sustainable business models


What next?

You can find the dedicated KTN website here

You can follow us on Twitter @innovateuk and see our YouTube channel here

Sharing and comments

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  1. Comment by Christian Browne posted on

    I was unaware of KTN but this seems a very good initiative. Many early stage companies can be quite naive and enter into funding arrangements without taking appropriate advice which can, in the short to medium term, have a negative impact on their business. It is good to see initiatives such as KTN which provides credibility in such a sector which is generally unregulated.

    However I do have one comment which is that if a company is focussed on R&D then in addition to angel investment the company should also consider UK/ European R&D grant funding. The advantage of this is that the grant funder does not take an equity stake in your business unlike an angel investor.

    Christian Browne -

    • Replies to Christian Browne>

      Comment by the Knowledge Transfer Network posted on

      Thank you for your comment. The KTN exists to help drive sustainable economic growth within the UK, acting as a trusted and impartial broker to assist businesses and entrepreneurs with their growth agendas. To this end we work closely with Innovate UK to deliver its frequent public funding competitions across a wide range of areas covering specific technical or societal challenges. Innovate UK offers a variety of funding programmes to meet the varied needs of companies on their innovation journeys. You may already be aware of some of these including: Collaborative R&D, Feasibility Studies, Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI), Innovation Vouchers and Smart Grants.

  2. Comment by Joe Michael posted on

    "Connect with over 60,000 members" - how is this done? Is there an online forum. A specific link may be? I want to connect with railway infrastructure owners for an upcoming competition.

    • Replies to Joe Michael>

      Comment by julieervine posted on

      Hi Joe, If you contact KTN (Knowledge Transfer Network) they will be happy to put you in touch with any existing groups, KTN website is: their Twitter handle is: @KTNUK. The Transport KTN also have a twitter group which is: @transportktn.

      The following link will take you to a contact page for Ian Stock who works across Maritime and Rail .- I will also send your question to the Innovation Leads here at Innovate UK who may contact you if they have any additional information to add. I hope this helps. >JE

    • Replies to Joe Michael>

      Comment by julieervine posted on

      Hi Joe, I have also sent Ian a message on the contact page of your question.

  3. Comment by Papantonopoulos Panos posted on

    UK has a long -established tradition in attracting gray matter from all over the world due to its education system and less due to job opportunities. It also has a long record of UK brains drain abroad in the past.
    Hundreds of foreign innovators from countries deprived of an appropriate innovation facilitating environment may look for opportunities to apply their innovative achievements in yr welcoming Industry environment.
    Are KTN and Innovateuk engaged/to be engaged proactively towards welcoming such people ? A step further: Do you have/plan activities of seeking such opportunities in such countries? Can we use wour experience for consultation -to the mutual benefit-in such countries? Evenact taking care