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Meet our customers - Seaweed & Co

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The magic of seaweed

Seaweed offers so much potential, from food to health to biofuels and at Seaweed & Co. we see it as THE food of the future.  Seaweed provides unparalleled nutrition, is sustainable and scalable to feed billions around the world.  Did you know that just 1 teaspoon of seaweed can give you calcium equivalent to 60ml of whole milk, potassium equivalent to a 32g banana, iron equivalent to 120g of spinach and the equivalent iodine of 12 whole mackerel!

Seaweed benefits

With over 10,000 different species of seaweed globally, seaweed has an incredibly impressive array of health and nutritional benefits, and there is a plethora of research on seaweed to replace salt in foods, add nutrition, benefit heart health, aid weight management, and have anti-diabetic, anti-viral and anti-cancer potential.

However, there is much more to do and so collaboration with universities and others to further research and understanding, and commercialise the outcomes is essential.

Doctor Seaweed

I am Dr Craig Rose of Seaweed and Co, a marine biologist, who after my PhD set up a marine consultancy company.  I sold the business after 3 years to a larger consultancy company and then was part of the team that performed a management buyout.

Having then worked in consultancy for around 6 years, and having managed a large seaweed R&D project, I decided to move directly into the seaweed industry, focussing on food, health and nutrition markets.  I worked with a few companies for a several years providing consultation to them on research, sales and marketing.  I then set up Seaweed & Co. to advance the market, invest in production and further the innovation required.

Inspired by the sea

Seaweed itself inspired me to set up Seaweed & Co. as the vehicle to try and achieve some of the potential I’ve already mentioned.  There are three of us working in the business directly, with a much wider team in the supply chain and our distribution network.   We are looking to advance seaweed and seaweed based foods and ingredients to meet the opportunities the market presents.

We are based near Newcastle, North Shields, just a few minutes from both the Fish Quay on the River Tyne and the stunning beaches of Tynemouth.

Solving seaweed challenges

The main barriers to the industry growing are quality, consistent supply, and confidence in using seaweed.  In response, we are securing and improving supply, and inspiring and educating people to have the confidence to use and eat seaweed.

Whilst much of the seaweed research is at the academic stage, Seaweed & Co. has in place a supply that is already delivering many benefits to the food and nutraceutical markets.

Business funding

We are about to submit a Technology Inspired Feasibility Study with Newcastle University.  We have also submitted an Innovation Voucher. I knew about Innovate UK having worked with companies before that have used its funding. Innovate UK is the ideal partner in helping fund commercially focussed research, and bringing together the right collaborations

Seaweed and blood sugar management

Seaweed & Co. is working on a proposal for seaweed and blood sugar management in close collaboration with partners such as Universities.  We are also partnering on a project that is seeing the development of highly innovative cultivation of seaweed on land, in tanks with no requirement for seawater input.

Seaweed is the Future

As a company and individuals, Seaweed & Co. is passionate about developing the seaweed industry in the UK, to create skilled jobs, provide sustainable healthy foods to mainstream markets, and contribute to the conservation of the marine environment.

We are always happy to talk seaweed.
You can follow Craig on Twitter (@DoctorSeaweed)

You can follow us on Twitter @innovateuk and see our YouTube channel here

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  1. Comment by Barbara Hodgkinson posted on

    I'm VERY interested in diverse uses for seaweed, so I found this post fascinating and enlightening.

  2. Comment by Marina Orme posted on

    Hi Craig, I have just was watched an article on the television on the use of seaweed. I found it extremely interesting, would you be able to tell me how soon you would be putting your products on the market?

  3. Comment by Marina Orme posted on

    *found what you had to say very interesting*

  4. Comment by craig posted on

    Hi Marina

    Thank you for the comment.
    Would you like to email me directly on or visit to contact us that way and we can discuss seaweed and products?

    Thanks again