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Videos to help you pitch and promote your SME business

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Alongside the funding and support we provide to UK SME’s we also produce a range of videos to help a business grow.
Here we’ve chosen two videos to help you understand how to promote your business.

Building upon your great business idea

Convincing someone to fund your start-up takes more than just telling them about it.  Knowing how to describe your opportunity, how to simplify a complex concept or how to visually present your idea all contribute to convincing someone to fund your start-up idea.

Building your softer business skills

Being an innovator does not naturally make you a great presenter and developing softer business skills, such as creating an elevator pitch, can be very valuable in taking your idea to market.

Learn how to pitch your SME business idea

Having a great business idea is one part of a bringing an innovative business to market.  It is important to know how to pitch your business opportunity to investor’s and to do so in a compelling way.

Video tips on how to prepare a pitch

How should an SME talk to the media?

Public Relations (PR) can be a valuable and low cost way of promoting your SME business but there are some dos and don’ts when it comes to talking to the media.

The media are looking for new stories, exclusive content and a hook that will enable them to bring an exciting new story to their readers.

Understanding how the media think is a good starting point for producing your own PR activity.

Tips on how to deal with the media video

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