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Videos to highlight medical technology successes

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Innovate UK’s funding fills a gap in the medical technology market in the UK. Currently investor capital will allow SMEs to do certain tasks but it won’t give you that product innovation capital you need to truly exploit the full potential in a company.

We’ve selected these videos to highlight how Innovate UK is supporting medical innovation in the UK.

Discuva uses medical technology to make new life-saving antibiotics

By receiving Innovate UK funding, Discuva were able to do more science.

We’re using innovative technologies and we’re exploring regions where no-one’s been before. So you need to do a lot more science than you actually need.

David Williams, CEO Discuva

In 2013, they established a relationship with Roche, a major pharmaceutical company based in Switzerland.

We were were only able to establish this relationship because we’d had investment from our investors and Innovate UK.

David Williams, CEO Discuva

This led to Discuva signing the biggest drug-discovery deal that’s ever been signed. Together they developed drugs to certain bacteria that they take through clinical development to the market.

Polyphotonix develops LED “sleep mask” to tackle causes of sight-loss from diabetes

In the UK, it is costing the NHS about £12 billion to treat diabetes. One of the largest portions of that is the treatment of diabetic retanopothy.

When we originally applied we were 10 employees. We’re now 22 and we’re taking on a new employee almost every month. I think companies like Polyphotonics will increasingly have an affect on the UK economy.

Richard Kirk, CEO of Polyphotonix

It provides the potential of greater benefits to more diabetic patients for less money.

Guy Boersma, Managing Director of Kent Surrey Sussex Academic Health Science Network

It could deliver patient experience and health outcome improvements to thousands of NHS patients.

Using this device has taken an awful lot of worry away from me. Since using it I have not required any further laser therapy.

Sue Wales, Noctura 400 sleep mask user.

Medical Technologies Launchpad Wales

The Medical Technologies Launchpad is a mix of competitively won Research and Development funding and tailored business advice and guidance.

Innovate UK's Medtech Launchpad, with Venturefest Wales, is putting companies in front of investors and getting the opportunity to bring more capital into growth in a cluster in Wales.

The reason we choose Wales as one of the Launchpad locations was because Medtech and Life Sciences are very strong in Wales. I think there are more than 200 Medtech companies, including the supply chain, well over a billion pounds of turnover and more than 7000 people employed in the Medtech industry, so we see Wales as a proper cluster.

Neil Morgan, Innovate UK

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