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Videos of manufacturing innovations

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High-value manufacturing in the UK has a major role in accelerating UK economic growth.

Take a look at these videos, which showcase some of the UK manufacturers Innovate UK has funded.

Jaguar Land Rover REALITY: the future of vehicle recycling

 Jaguar Land Rover, the UK’s largest vehicle manufacturer, is expanding the use of recycled aluminium in its car bodies to cut waste and reduce carbon emissions.

The £2 million project, called REALITY, has found a way to enable the closed-loop recycling of aluminium from end-of-life vehicles back into high-performance product forms for new vehicle body manufacture in the UK by Jaguar Land Rover.

Jaguar Land Rover’s REALCAR: manufacturing environmentally friendly cars

Britain’s largest automotive manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover is using up to 50% recycled aluminium in new cars in a project that is bringing significant benefits to itself and its suppliers.

The REALCAR (Recycled Aluminium CAR) project is demonstrating how the so-called ‘circular economy’ can bring major environmental benefits to manufacturing.

Jaguar Land Rover has invested in new and upgraded scrap segregation systems at three of its press shops.

Manufacturing Predictions - The Future of the Manufacturing Industry

What will the future of manufacturing be like?

Imagine needing a new part for a household appliance. You could order it, get it made locally and get it delivered to your door within a couple of hours.

Whether you are a manufacturer or a consumer, we are going to see much more manufacturing as part of our everyday lives. Hear Innovate UK’s predictions for the manufacturing sector.

Innovation funds help Rolls-Royce to open new factory in Bristol

Research and innovation funding from a government-backed public-private sector partnership has helped aero-engine maker Rolls-Royce establish a new advanced manufacturing facility in Bristol.

The factory, located on its Patchway complex, is part of the company’s SILOET programme, designed to accelerate the development and introduction of low-carbon aircraft engine technology.

Gordon Murray Design: the future of car manufacture

A business set up by car designer and former Formula 1 technical director Gordon Murray has developed an affordable version of Formula One design technology that will soon be used in mass production of everyday vehicles.

The patented iStream® technology developed by Gordon Murray Design could significantly cut production costs for manufacturers, lower fuel emissions and offer big improvements in mileage for the driver.

Versarien: pre-revenue to £5 million in 3 years

Versarien was founded at the end of 2010 to commercialise an innovative process for making metallic foams developed at the University of Liverpool.

It has resulted in rapid growth – from 2 people working out of a garage to a £5m business working on 4 sites and with a listing on the London stock exchange.

Neil Ricketts, founder and chief executive, said:

If we had not got that first grant, there is no way we would have been able to pursue that market or create jobs. It took the risk out for our shareholders and created a huge amount of validation. It said that we had something very good.

The business, based in Gloucestershire, specialises in commercialising advanced materials technologies and is now working with metal foams, graphene and extruded aluminium. It is targeting £6 billion global markets and expects to continue to grow.

Following its launch on the London Alternative Investment Market (AIM) in June 2013, the business is well-funded and has been able to acquire 2 businesses, Total Carbide Ltd and 2-D Tech Ltd.

It now employs 105 people across 4 subsidiary companies, Versarien TechnologiesDV Composite Tooling and the 2 acquisitions.

2-DTech unlock graphene’s potential 

University spin-out, 2-DTech, is scaling up its production of the high-strength material graphene to commercial levels with support from Innovate UK.

The business was set up by the University of Manchester about 3 years ago mainly to make graphene samples for researchers in Manchester and elsewhere.

Since its acquisition by rapidly growing materials business Versarien a year ago, 2-DTech has focused on scaling up from sample production to making graphene at a commercial level for bigger industrial applications.

Managing director Dr Nigel Salter said:

I’d like to think that from about a year on we will be talking about hundreds of kilograms of product if not tonnes of product a year, as opposed to a few grams a week. 

Tinsley Bridge - improving the suspension of Warrior fighting vehicles

Sheffield based steel vehicle suspension manufacturer, Tinsley Bridge, was approached by British Aerospace Engineering (BAE) to help with an urgent problem.

The British army desperately needed to improve the suspension of its Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicle and time was of the essence.

Mark Webber, Managing Director of Tinsley Bridge said:

They were increasing the weight of the vehicles and the suspension couldn’t cope, and they came to us because we are experts in this field.

With funding support from Innovate UK, Tinsley Bridge was able to fast track the development of its suspension technology.

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