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Meet our customers - The Centre for Modelling & Simulation

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Specialising in high value design

The Centre for Modelling & Simulation (CFMS) is an independent, not-for-profit specialist in high value design (HVD). We were born out of a collaboration between organisations in the aeronautical, defence, automotive, academic and government sectors in 2007.

Our origins – using novel hardware to speed up simulation tasks

The initial collaboration project explored the use of novel hardware to speed up certain elements of simulation tasks and was supported by Innovate UK – this £17.5 million project lasted three and a half years and led to the development of many exciting prototype solutions and technologies, including the raw acceleration of computational fluid dynamics processes by a factor of 1,000, significantly impacting the engineering design process.

Cold jet flow from serrated nozzle using zCFD (RANS)

Driving a practical revolution in engineering design

Our vision is to drive a practical revolution in engineering design capability. We work with organisations to:
• reduce risk in the design phase
• reduce product development costs
• reduce time to market
• improve learning

Helping companies take full advantage of tools

We promote advanced modelling and simulation by pushing the boundaries of what’s currently possible, and by enabling companies to take full advantage of tools in their design processes.

CFMS Facility

High Performance Computer facilities

We provide access to a High Performance Computer (HPC), technology infrastructure and expertise in modelling and simulation at our facility at the Bristol & Bath Science Park.

Using simulation to reduce pressure on physical prototypes

With industry sectors being pressed to produce more complex products in ever reducing timescales, all stand to benefit from improved higher fidelity tools.

While this puts an enormous amount of pressure on the use of physical prototypes, it does motivate companies to investigate how they can take advantage of computer simulation. Companies stand to benefit from accelerated turnaround times and a wider range of options available for consideration early in the design cycle.

Our future – speeding up the design cycle

Last year we commenced a three-year Innovate UK and EPSRC funded programme called Hyperflux. Based on revolutionary High-order Methods (HOMs), developed by Dr Peter Vincent, at Imperial College, London, HOMs has the potential to speed up the design cycle, reduce costs and improve products. Involving the creation of prototype software for industrial evaluation, Hyperflux will be a shared software tool that will embody the latest in HPC.

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