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The words cool and technology always work well together but it's not all Smartphones or hover boards from Back to the Future.

We've found a few cool tech videos to share with you which showcase some of the coolest tech companies Innovate UK has funded.

Isansys: wireless technology helps save children’s lives

Vital signs of seriously ill young patients at Birmingham Children’s Hospital are being monitored continuously in real time with wireless sensors developed by Abingdon business Isansys Lifecare Limited.  The sensors include the Lifetouch, a small bandage-like strip that can be fixed to the patient. It is wireless and continuously transmits the child’s heart signs.

It means the child does not need to be physically hooked up to a monitor and is free to play or be held by parents. The data is delivered to Isansys’s Patient Status Engine, from where it is sent to the analysis system and held as an electronic patient record.

Intelligent Textiles - reducing the weight burden of soldiers

Intelligent Textiles Limited (ITL) is a UK based technology company that specialises in developing electrically active woven fabrics, or "e-textiles".  It has developed a range of high-tech fabrics and components, for commercial products as diverse as heated bedding, ballistic body armour and iPod connected garments.

They are working with the MOD to create e-uniforms that reduce the weight carried by soldiers in the infantry and they recently appeared on the Gadget Show.

This project was funded by the Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE) and its use of the Small Business Research Initiative (an Innovate UK supported process). The CDE provided initial funding to enable them to develop its technology.

It was a Godsend to us. It finally meant that we were taken seriously by the British MOD.

Asha Peta Thompson, Co-owner of Intelligent Textiles Ltd.

Bare Paint - the first conductive paint for interactive electronics

Bare Paint, is the first non-toxic conductive paint aimed at individuals interested in engaging with interactive electronics and in bringing surfaces to life. Bare Conductive's products provide users with an exciting platform for prototyping, experimenting, and learning about electronics and the company was able to develop this product thanks to a SMART grant from Innovate UK.

60 per cent of sales are in the UK. Education accounts for 50 per cent of sales - with teachers using the kits and the materials as a fun and creative way of exploring science and technology with children. Around 40 per cent of sales are in the US where it sells online through its website and a network of 80 online resellers.

The latest kit is a DJ set that allows the customers to create different sounds by painting a paper disc. It’s also developing materials that can be used in interactive print processes which have potential applications in packaging and print advertising. Architectural applications like light switches or even home sensors are also being investigated.

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