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Meet our customers - FitnessGenes

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Personalised diets and exercise programs hold the key to tackling obesity

At FitnessGenes we believe personalised diets and exercise programs hold the key to tackling obesity.  One of the failings with current strategies is that generic diet and exercise programmes do not yield results that inspire people to make lasting lifestyle changes.  It’s these kind of changes that can dramatically improve their health, quality of life and lessen the burden on health care providers.

We are an Oxfordshire based company tackling the obesity problem. Obesity and its related illnesses cost the NHS over £5 billion every year, but this is not just a British problem, it's a global epidemic.

It all started at a wedding

Our company was founded by Dr Samantha Decombel (PhD), Dr Stuart Grice (PhD), Dr Dan Reardon (MD) and Mark Gilbert (CISSN) in 2013, after a conversation between Stuart and Dan at their best friend's wedding.

Analysing factors that lead to a bespoke diet and exercise plan

We analyse each person’s genetic predispositions in combination with lifestyle data and make evidence-based recommendations on the types of diet and exercise likely to be most effective for that individual.

CEO Dr Dan Reardon

Our client’s transformation led us to transform

We initially aimed our product at keen gym goers looking to build muscle, lose fat and take their fitness to the next level. Initial success showed the potential of the company to go beyond those that were already fit and to help those who struggle with their weight and were looking for more effective ways to improve their health and fitness.

After seeing the successful transformations our clients made using their personalised recommendations, including our own CEO Dr Dan Reardon, we knew it was time to develop our ideas even further.

Genetic and base line environmental/life style data

Our new FitnessGenes Tool will combine an individual's genetic and base line environmental/life style data to:

  • give personalised diet and fitness recommendations
  • track their progress and compliance
  • adjust their recommendations accordingly to help them reach their goals efficiently

Partners are helping us transform too

We are collaborating on this project with Professor Jean-Baptiste Cazier (PhD) and his team at the Centre for Computational Biology at the University of Birmingham who are providing their expertise on computational and mathematical modelling

Creating the 'next generation' of fitness tools

We applied to Innovate UK due to the sizeable matched funding available and the support and contacts on offer to help develop our idea.  With the use of funding we are building on our success to develop the 'next generation' of health advice to improve people's fitness and help prevent weight associated disease.

Fitnessgenes team

The future for FitnessGenes

We have a strong academic background with a team of PhD geneticists, sports scientists and programmers and aim to stick close to these roots, building on current collaborations with leading UK universities, publishing academic papers and contributing to the scientific community.
We also plan to further increase both our UK and international client base.

Our longer term goals are to raise Series A funding and develop IP in this new area of fitness DNA testing to solidify our leadership position in this market.


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