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Groundbreaking data analysis videos

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Data analysis may not sound like the most exciting thing in the world, but Innovate UK has funded some groundbreaking applications which provide accurate information - often with a creative approach to data visualisation. These are helping to create a more sustainable world.

Shoothill use Twitter to visualise flood data

User-friendly information on river levels and flood risk is being put into the hands of everyone thanks to Shoothill.

Shoothill specialises in unlocking the power of data. They have developed an alert system that gives a real-time picture of river levels and the potential for flooding at more than 2400 locations across England and Wales.

Shropshire-based Shoothill developed its GaugeMap with the help of a £97,000 award from Innovate UK. The map is a visualisation of river levels at 2,481 Environment Agency river gauges.

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Rezatec - satellite imagery and analysis of space and ground data

Oxford company, Rezatec, develops satellite data system to help businesses manage land assets more effectively. Rezatec aims to make the creation of sustainable supply chains much simpler for companies.

With its expertise in monitoring deforestation, Rezatec is well placed to lead in the carbon credits market.

Insurance companies are also potential customers says Philip Briscoe, Marketing Director:

If they are looking at insuring areas of land and forests, they need to understand the risks of fire, pest and disease. Rezatec aims to provide historic fire risk maps. It can also help insurers determine the point at which a disease started. They don’t want the landowner to spot it first and take out a policy after it has already started.

Follow Rezatec on Twitter: @Rezatec

C-Enduro: A boat that goes the distance

Portsmouth-based SME, ASV, develops long-endurance unmanned vessel for oceanographic research.

ASV has been building a business in unmanned marine systems for defence and oil and gas customers since 2010. But it wasn’t until it entered an SBRI competition that the company found a way to move into the market for oceanographic research.

ASV used the initial £50,000 funding from phase 1 of the SBRI programme to develop the concept for the C-Enduro, a rugged self-righting vehicle that uses solar panels, a wind generator and a lightweight diesel generator as energy sources to keep the vessel at sea for up to three months.

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