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Meet our customers - Pow Health

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Pow Health – offering more control over your health

Pow Health is a social health management platform that was created to give people more control over their health as well as the health of people they may be caring for, whether that is a long-term condition or their general wellness.

The company was founded by Ifty Ahmed in 2011, who was aware that although lots of health websites and apps were starting to emerge, there weren’t any that offered a comprehensive range of health tools.

Pow Health

One app to manage all your health needs

There are lots of health apps available to us nowadays, but many focus on just one issue, they cost money to download or aren’t available to everyone, everywhere – that’s the gap we saw.

Pow Health is developed on four key pillars

1.    Personal health record -  to record important health information throughout your life, such as appointments, immunisations, conditions, symptoms, and more
2.    Tracking – symptoms and lifestyle measures can all be tracked using 100s of trackers that exist with simple progress charts to help you understand what’s happening
3.    Sharing – health information is easily controlled and shareable with doctors, carers or friends and relatives
4.    Social – walls and forums offer a useful way to engage with other similar people and share health experiences

The Pow Health website and app become a single location for anyone and everyone to manage all their health, wherever they are, whenever they want, free of charge, in any country and on any platform.  This notion has led to Pow Health being used in 88 countries around the world.

As we develop we will continue to use advances in technology to empower people so that they can better manage their health, support one another and help create better treatments for everyone.

We use technology to deal with age related health problems

We feel is vital that we use advances in technology to help deal with the problems that an ageing population will encounter and we are developing specialist knowledge and tools for supporting people who are managing long-term health conditions such as dementia.

Working with others has been key

Pow Health is based in Central London but spend a lot of time meeting other organisations, who are equally passionate about health, trying to find new and innovative ways to enable people to better support themselves, loved ones or people they are caring for. It was this that led Pow Health to collaborate with Anglia Ruskin University and go on further to win a competition organised by Innovate UK.

Pow Health Tablet Phone Image

Anglia Ruskin University

Pow Health will work closely with Anglia Ruskin University to develop a first-of-its-kind software application, leveraging data from the ‘Internet of Things’ to help dementia sufferers prolong their independence. They plan to do this by creating an online destination where dementia patients can leverage tools, such as a daily planner, to help them live an independent life, find out more about their condition, how it is likely to progress and what support is available to them.


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