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Meet our customers - Asset Mapping

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Bringing Internet of Things to asset management

We created Asset Mapping because we wanted to help organisations manage huge number of assets more efficiently.

I’m Bill Clee, design engineer and CEO of Asset Mapping. Prior to creating my company, I worked as the asset manager during the construction of the London Olympic Park.

Saving engineers time on site

Overseeing this project made me realise that two thirds of engineers’ time is spent validating basic information, including what type of equipment there is on site, where it is located and why it needs repairing.

To solve this problem, I built Asset Mapping’s first pilot, an IoT platform that adds sensors and data analysis to electronic and mechanical equipment. In particular, it creates 2D digital maps where users can visualise the exact location and RAG status (red, amber, green) of assets in real time.

The projected savings during this huge construction project were a staggering £5 million. With a tested solution that helped managers make better decisions and engineers save time, Asset Mapping was born in 2012 as a start-up company based in London.

From digitising buildings to cities

Asset Mapping schematic

When we got started, our focus was on digitising buildings to help reduce management and energy costs. However, we soon realised there was a bigger problem we could solve.

By building an agnostic platform, Asset Mapping can gather data from any metering sensor and major IT system monitoring everything from temperature and security inside buildings to traffic and grid electricity consumption in cities.

This is a fundamental step for creating smart buildings and cities. To date, we are one of the few companies with an IoT platform capable of providing this key connectivity between legacy equipment, smart devices, sensors and cloud resources.

Growing with great support

In our three years of history, we have won numerous awards, funding and pilot opportunities that have enabled us to test and develop our technology.

Innovate UK has been pivotal to our success. We have won four projects with them including becoming leaders of the Smart City vertical for Hypercat.

These opportunities have allowed us to forge relationships with leading technology providers Cisco, Intel and SAP, access ground-breaking research from top universities and reach out to renowned media institutions.

The future is global

Asset Mapping has had the opportunity to develop real user cases on large estates such as the Royal Bank of Scotland and Canary Wharf Group sites.

While we remain focused on proving the technology with UK companies in the building digitisation space, we have recently made our first international contact and are expecting to be a listed product with a global technology vendor in the next three months.

Our ambition is to be recognised as world leaders in building digitisation. We believe we have a genuine opportunity to do so, as we have the expertise, tools and support from the industry to fill a gap in a booming market. Today, 78 percent of buildings in the world lack automation systems. We want to make them smart.

Contributing to Smart Cities Project in Manchester

Finally, we also want to help the UK become IoT leader in Smart Cities. In this respect, we are looking forward to starting 2016 with CityVerve project, a Smart Cities Project in Manchester. Asset Mapping will be looking at deploying building digitisation at scale and testing new ways in which we IoT devices can bring unconnected buildings online.


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  1. Comment by Trynos Chimusimbe posted on

    I think Africa has a real opportunity to build buildings of the future fully connected with the budding property technology given that there is a lot of undeveloped land in the countryside, towns and cities.

    Having studied property in the UK, at City University, I can clearly see the role of property technology in my mind of minds.

    Innovate please let us connect so that Africa put up buildings embedded with the relevant property technology at the onset.