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Interesting times for energy innovators

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These are interesting times for energy innovators. Energy systems across countries around the World are in the midst of huge market & technology disruption.


Traditional centralised command and control of generation, distribution and supply is being increasingly unbundled and impacted by:

  • localised systems
  • changing regulatory
  • policy mechanisms
  • order-of-magnitude fluctuations in energy pricing
  • Moore’s-law type cost reductions clean energy technologies

Society is asking for affordable, resilient and clean energy

In this landscape of unpredictability, society’s need for the “Energy Trilemma” of affordable, resilient and clean energy stands out as a defining – even if not always consistently balanced – market driver.

Energy Catalyst was established to help mitigate risk for innovators

Disruption creates a wealth of market opportunities for innovators, but often at considerable risks.

The Energy Catalyst was established by its co-funders – Innovate UK, EPSRC, DECC and, most recently, DFID – to help mitigate those risks and speed our UK innovators to seize advantage of these new opportunities – wherever they have identified them – to address the global Energy Trilemma and accelerate growth of the UK economy.

Response to the Energy Catalyst is phenomenal

The UK is unparalleled in its energy innovation excellence. Unsurprisingly, response to the Energy Catalyst is phenomenal. At each competition round, our independent assessors critically examine hundreds of high-quality applications demonstrating outstanding innovation & business opportunity – it would be fantastic to be able to support them all!

Winners of Round 1 represent the very best of UK energy innovations

These forty projects, and the consortium partnerships behind them, funded under Round-1 of the Energy Catalyst, represent the very best of market-focussed UK energy innovations.

We wish them, and also all of our unfunded applicants, every success for the next stages of their technology commercialisation and business growth.

We will be hosting Cleantech Collaboration Nation, where we will showcase 23 Early-Stage feasibility projects who won Energy Catalyst Round 1. They will come together at the Royal Institution, London, on 11 February 2016 as part of CleanTech Innovate 2016.

The Directory summarises those Early-stage projects and also the 17 Mid-stage and Late-stage projects that comprise Energy Catalyst Round 1 in the words of the project partners themselves.

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