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Digital polls that predict users' preferences

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Whichit is a startup from Israel that relocated to the UK in early 2014 as winners of the UKTI’s Sirius Programme. We are now based in London.

Whichit allows publishers and media owners to create visual interactive content in the form of visual polls that can be embedded on any digital channel to enrich content, drive commercial campaigns and gain consumer preference insight.

It started with a need to answer “which” questions

Whichit team at work
Whichit team at work

The Whichit concept stemmed from a need. My wife and now co-founder and Creative Director of the company, frequently asked me “which…?”.

Upon realising that existing social channels were not enabling to create, share and get feedback easily for “which” questions in a simple way, the initial idea for Whichit was seeded.

Now we produce a wide suite of digital polls

Whichit product image
Whichit product image

Since then, we’ve developed Whichit into a wide suite of social interactive content solutions based on polls, ranging from a consumer App to a sophisticated Content Management System (CMS) and marketing platform called Whichit Pro.

Award-winning company

In 2015, Whichit was given several awards: we were chosen by Facebook as their 'App of the Year EMEA’, won an Innovate UK R&D funding award and won the People's Choice Award at Pitch@Palace by the Duke of York. It has been an exciting journey so far and I hope this year will be even better as after several years of R&D, we are now commercializing our product.

You had me at "Innovate"

Whichit 4 dimensional solution
Whichit 4 dimensional solution

As a start-up you do not have a lot to show for at first – zero track record and no address book that incumbent technology companies have. Even worse, you lack resources: man-power, budget and time. Therefore, you have to rely on your speed and ability to innovate in order to offer something that does not exist in the market and can provide a clear added-value to your customers. This is where Innovate UK’s R&D funding award becomes so important to our business.

Our first experience with Innovate UK was at the INNOVATE UK 2014 conference, where we took part in one of the main panels regarding innovation. At that time, we were exposed to the UK benefits for startups and innovation; one of them was the Innovate UK Smart grant scheme.

It will tell you what you WILL like

With the help of Innovate UK, we are able to fund and execute one of the most ambitious and innovative projects we had always dreamt about – a "brain" that can predict users' preferences, presenting relevant interactive content in real time as part of an editorial page, then match it to a tailor made commercial offer.

Such capabilities have a wide range of applications. Together with Whichit Pro for publishers and marketeers – we will provide the ultimate tool to engage with a business’ audience and potential customers, open new revenue streams and gain actionable insights.

Show me the money

Whichit turned commercial at the end of 2015, and already began building a track record with online publishers and marketeers. We are offering fully supported campaigns with our Whichit Pro platform, and releasing new features and functionalities for our clients on a regular basis.

Our Innovate UK project is planned to be finished and officially launched in Q4 of 2016. Once released, we will open a new and strong revenue stream to the company, and position the company at the top of the Interactive Commercial Content domain.

For commercial collaboration and more info I can be reached on email 

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