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Meet our customers - Proxama

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Who are we?

Proxama PLC is an international mobile commerce company.

We drive innovation with the smartest technologies, providing end-to-end digital solutions for customers and innovative user cases for those wanting to connect physical and digital assets via mobile – increasing consumer engagement, retail sales and loyalty across high footfall locations.

Next step: seeking support and funding for R&D

Research and development plays a critical role in the innovation process and invests in future technological capabilities. As an SME, we believe wholly in innovation growth, yet do not always have the resource or niche skills to fully realise a project; so actively seeking support and funding to achieve this, was a natural next step for this particular idea.

Needed a partner who saw innovation as an investment, not an expense

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technology and innovation and we understand how important innovation is for economic growth. However, innovation is not a tangible asset and we looked to seek funding from a partner who saw innovation as an investment and not an expense. This would allow us to focus our priorities – matching what’s needed with what’s possible – to create, progress and deliver proof of innovative value and product development.

We are on the road to achieving this through working with Innovate UK, building from our strengths and showcasing our unique competitiveness under the two tiered SBRI competition ‘Re-imagining the High Street’.

Our technology can help the decline of UK high street

Loka app discover tab
Loka app discover tab

Our hearts lie with proximity marketing and we were aware that our technology had the capabilities to solve a very real world problem: the decline of the UK high street and the loss of our bricks and mortar independent merchants, as they struggle to keep up with the financial strains attached to embracing technology.

Through our SBRI project (which is split across two phases, spanning 3 years) we are creating new, affordable, digital technologies, to engage and attract consumers away from online commerce back into high street stores.

Merchants need new ways to attract shoppers into store

Loka app in useLoka app in use

There are a plethora of voucher services that provide merchants with very little differentiation in a crowded market place and have, as yet, failed to service the independent merchant successfully. Merchants need new ways to attract shoppers into store and to incentivise existing customers to visit and spend more.

Mobile location-based services hold great promise to address these needs, but have yet to fully realise their potential. Additionally mobile based services have to date, largely been the domain of large retailers and brands that have invested heavily in the mobile channel.

Our vision for “Loka” has evolved

Proxama’s vision has evolved through the course of the competition, allowing us to create local high street promotions, loyalty and information applications, for deployment in high streets nationally.

Phase one funding saw the initial proof of concept evolve for ‘Loka’ (find us on the app store), an app for iOS and Android, providing consumers with in-the-moment access to information and promotions about the things they are interested in. It works via a network of Bluetooth beacons, within a city infrastructure of shop frontage and travel networks.

Phase 2 is now 6 months in and Loka is a successfully growing application. Across our network we have 120 merchants signed up to the app and 5,000+ consumers, of which, an average of 21% remain engaged and active. Our ever-increasing Loka community shows that Loka will continue to grow and validate services within our current cities, attracting a mix of more local and big brands, from independent coffee traders to global brands such as McDonalds.

Scaling up

Proxama believes that the Loka proposition will form a sustainable new revenue line for its business over the coming two years. This project will help Proxama and its partners develop a robust commercial proposition that can be deployed both nationally and on a global scale. 

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