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Game changers: Women in innovation - Jenny Griffiths

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What exactly defines a game changer? Well, one fitting description would perhaps be something of an amalgamation of a visionary, a business leader and a real inspiration for others.

Bring such traits together and you have yourself an individual with the potential to change the way we look at and think about the way things are done… changing the ‘game’ for the better.

Watch our first Game changers video – featuring ‘woman in tech’ Jenny Griffiths, founder of Snap Fashion

And where certain key industries are disproportionately dominated by certain genders, age groups, ethnicities or anything else, it’s often down to game changers to show that change is both possible and beneficial.

The face of modern technology

One perfect illustration of this would be the modern technology industry – a sector dominated by young to middle-aged males. There are quite a few big names in Silicon Valley that recently went on record to state their intent to rebalance their respective workforces.

Nevertheless, it’s not until you are actually presented with a real, bona-fide success story that you truly gain an understanding of what’s possible with the right mindset.

Jenny Griffiths, founder & CEO of Snap Fashion
Jenny Griffiths, founder & CEO of Snap Fashion

Take Jenny Griffiths for example – the 28-year-old founder and CEO of Snap Fashion. She initially came up with the algorithms for Snap Fashion while studying at university in 2009, then going on to launch it as a business venture in 2012.

In just a few short years, Jenny went from being an ambitious student to becoming a high-profile, inspiring, modern business figure.

Not a typical success story

What makes Jenny’s success story so compelling is the way in which she took her own skills, talents and interests and applied them to an enormous industry in which she had no real interest.

That’s right - the founder of Snap Fashion is not really into fashion, but has a self-confessed obsession with visual search. Having identified the predominantly visual nature of the fashion industry in general, she created a new type of ‘discovery engine’ for consumers.

Snap fashion app
Snap fashion app

Snap Fashion, after having been awarded an Innovate UK grant in 2011, was officially launched in 2012. It was only 4 years later that Jenny’s company was awarded over £1 million, including investment from organisations such as Time Inc, one of the world’s largest media companies.

By the time 2015 rolled around, she’d not only expanded her business to employ 20 staff and received an Inspirational Innovation award, she’d also been awarded an MBE.

Jenny Griffin, Women in Tech photoshoot

What is it like for a woman in tech?

Though clearly of the belief that women in business do have to work harder than men to succeed, Jenny believes it to be somewhat different with technology.

‘If you write good code no one cares if you’re a man or a woman’

The technology industry is all about results – if you develop outstanding coding on the back of a great idea, it makes no difference if you are male, female, young or old – a real meritocracy.

She does, however, admit that if she had the opportunity to start again, she would probably choose to bring a co-founder into the equation for additional support along the way.

And while she has no idea what the future of the fashion industry or consumer technology has in store, she’s genuinely excited about the potential of her business across many markets.

Who are the other game changers of innovation?

Where are the others like Jenny? We’re keen to find them and celebrate their success.

Tell us about your innovative game changers in the comment section.

It all starts with an idea…the rest comes down to determination and drive.

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  1. Comment by richard leeming-mchale posted on

    Is it really necessary to focus on gender in this positive gender discrimination way any longer? Surely the focus needs to be on achieving the equal pay and conditions, which is the last remaining hurdle to gender e quality in the West.

  2. Comment by steven posted on

    The world is really changing, this goes to show, that "what a man can do, even a woman can pretty more better" Kudos to the women in technology.