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Meet our customers - Hospify

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In summer last year, Hospify was stuck

We, two doctors, an accountant and a digital entrepreneur, had:

  • built a prototype app
  • recently completed a great business incubator with Bethnal Green Ventures
  • opened an SEIS funding round
Hospify team
Hospify team

The problem?

The incubator experience had convinced us that we needed to pivot our company, refine our proposition, and rebuild our app.

We’d built this pivot into all our business plans and had mapped it all out in great detail. But perhaps predictably we were finding it hard to raise money on the basis of what we wanted to do, rather than what we’d already done.

Unfortunately our personal resources as founders were all but exhausted by that point and we had no more funds of our own. After 18 months of struggling to get the company off the ground, it was beginning to look very much like we’d run out of road.

Innovation Voucher was our saving grace

The Innovate UK Innovation Voucher felt like our last throw of the dice, though we applied with little hope of getting it. We’d put in for more than fifteen grants by that point and, despite being repeatedly shortlisted and recalled, had been awarded none aside from the Bethnal Green Incubator. And then, to our amazement, the Voucher came through. £5000.

Making a little investment go a long way

It wasn’t a lot of money. It was the smallest grant we’d ever applied for. But that £5000 made an enormous amount of difference. Most importantly it told us that someone out there was listening, and that we should redouble our efforts and carry on.

Partnered with UK developer

As a result of that renewed effort we achieved the impossible - we found an incredible, UK-based developer with experience in our sector. They were able to help us do the crucial work we needed to do to create the health compliant security architecture that would underpin our new app - and do it for a fee we could now afford.

New app currently in testing

Hospify app
Hospify app

Thanks to that work the new app is now nearly finished and is currently in testing. Within the next month or two we’ll be releasing it via our website,; when that’s done, we’ll be looking to sign up test users and reopen our funding round.

Hospify will be the new “WhatsApp for health”

Hospify will be the first secure app-based messaging platform compliant for health use across the UK and EU. WhatsApp for health, if you like.

Our hope is that it will revolutionise communications in the health service and make it simple, quick and safe for clinicians to communicate with one another direct from their mobiles for the first time.

If you’d like to be a test user, sign up using the free trial form on our website and we’ll let you know when it’s ready to go.

The Hospify Team


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