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Could your body's own immune system fight cancer?

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Immunotherapy: using the body's own immune system to fight cancer

Fighting cancer


Immunotherapy is a treatment that uses the body's own immune system to fight cancer. This new type of therapy is bringing a lot of hope, as patients are showing great durable response to it; sometimes cancer is even going away! But unfortunately cancer immunotherapy does not work for all and can generate strong side effects.

For example, for every 10 melanoma patients treated with immunotherapy, only 4 patients actually benefit. Also due to the high price of these therapies, for these 10 treated patients nearly 1M USD is lost in inadequate treatments!

Predicting the response to cancer immunotherapy

How do you determine if a patient should receive immunotherapy?

How do you know which type of immunotherapy would be the most appropriate?

This is still challenging for doctors.

ImmunTraCkeR® specifically addresses these questions, by evaluating the patient’s immune status, in just a few days and from a simple blood draw!

ImmunID is an immune diagnostics company, which adds precision to the immuno-oncology revolution by personalising cancer immunotherapy.

ImmunID’s ImmunTraCkeR® aims at overcoming the current challenges in immuno-oncology: personalising cancer immunotherapy to allow patients to receive efficient treatments, while sparing them from side effects and saving unnecessary costs to the healthcare system.

Creating the perfect team

We decided to apply for an Innovate UK grant in the “Stratified Medicine: connecting the UK infrastructure” competition because:

  • We were already in touch with doctors and scientists from University of Leeds for a couple months regarding a possible collaboration
  • The United Kingdom is a global model for helping patients access the most appropriate treatments, while making the best use of healthcare resources.

Our project:

  • supports the clinical validation of ImmunTraCkeR® to predict the response to cancer immunotherapy in melanoma
  • performs a health economics study on the benefits of implementing ImmunTraCkeR® into the UK healthcare system.

ImmunTraCkeR® benefits patients, doctors, the healthcare system & biopharmaceutical companies

ImmunTraCkeR® aims to:

  • guide doctors through the maze of treatment options so that cancer patients can immediately receive the most appropriate therapy for them, with minimum side effects.
  • benefit biopharmaceutical companies developing these therapies, by decreasing the cost of clinical trials and increasing the value of their drugs.
  • benefit the healthcare system by optimising healthcare expenditures and avoiding unnecessary costs.

The patient’s immune status matters. In the future, we hope to continue to explore the secrets of the immune system and how it impacts:

  • aging
  • development of diseases
  • response to additional treatment types

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