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Solving food and supply chain challenges with cloud services

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We deliver cloud connectivity for all machines

Meet our customer IMS evolve

Since before 'The Internet of Things' IMS Evolve has been delivering cloud connectivity for all machines; from refrigeration to cash machines and from legacy machines to the latest technology.

With teams of experienced strategists, software developers and technical engineers we deliver unique solutions and uncover the true potential of any machine network.

Tangible business benefits

Our solution delivers a variety of tangible business benefits:

  • cost savings
  • energy management
  • automation
  • monitoring
  • ticketing
  • facilitating auditable internal communications

Our project solves food and supply chain challenges

IMS Evolve works with some large brands, including Tesco. Edward Porter, Head of Dynamic Monitoring here at IMS, was working closely with Tesco on projects focused around food quality and energy savings.

When Edward became aware of the Innovate UK’s Integrated Supply Chains for Energy Systems competition, it seemed like the ideal opportunity to extend and develop our IMS Evolve Dynamic Monitoring solution (that connects to any device, machine or asset and translates any machine language into a common interface), to incorporate Demand Side Response – a scheme where customers are incentivised financially to lower or shift their electricity use at peak times.

Our proposition was to solve a very complex food and electricity supply chain challenge that required the development of a fully scalable solution that can manage hundreds of thousands of assets in real-time.

This solution would dynamically balance food quality and safety requirements with the demands of the national grid (power system).

An SME, academia and large retailer working together

This kind of demand side response project has never been done before, due to the high risk associated with food quality and food safety.

IMS already had a close relationship with Tesco, so they provided a natural platform for the case study, however we needed academic support to assist with the scientific elements.

We approached a contact at Lincoln University and they offered their academic support to the project. So along with Tesco, we formed the final consortium with IMS Evolve heading up the project.

Innovate UK created the platform to enable the best possible team to come together and work on something that ordinarily would not be able to happen – an SME working in conjunction with an academic body and a large retailer to formulate and develop an innovative concept and take it to market.

Rolling out our work to other large energy-consuming environments

We hope to be able to repeat the implementation within Tesco throughout other supermarkets and/or large energy-consuming environments.

There is an open opportunity to dynamically balance the electrical load within an environment to stabilise the National Grid. This is something we aim to do, whilst constantly striving to expand upon our current customer base and move in an energy focused direction off the back of this project.

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