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The cloud for small and medium businesses

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ScaleCloud is the first complete cloud appliance in a box that is a fraction of the size of current offerings. Initially designed as off-the-shelf dedicated test and development infrastructure for software developers and solution architects, our aim was to enable the growth of small and medium enterprises and to lower the cost of cloud.

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Two years of late nights and early mornings

This achievement signaled the end of a two-year ritual of developing the idea to 2am in the morning while fitting life and a professional services IT business in around it. There was a sense of achievement, relief, and optimism when we reached our goal.

The Idea that means you can’t sleep

When you have that groundbreaking idea that you just can’t wait to get to market the excitement and possibilities are electrifying. You don’t sleep. I know because a year ago my husband and business partner announced “I’ve only gone and done it, ScaleCloud works!”

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Protecting your idea is a must

Developing the product was just the first stage of the process to market and we wanted to start by protecting the idea, patents, trademarks and copyrights.  A few calls to local solicitors gave us more questions than answers and it became apparent that we needed one that specialised in tech.  The cost of the legal advice required for patenting was beyond our meagre budget and this is when I started ‘bootstrapping’.

What is Bootstrapping?

Bootstrapping is the term used predominantly for self-starters who struggle to get funding in the early stages of the business. It is all about getting the most out of every penny spent and only spending where and when it is absolutely necessary.

According to Prof. John Mullins at London Business School, companies that bootstrap have a higher chance of success than those that seek funding in the early stages. And I can see why.  The scrutiny you subject your business to and the innovative cost saving ideas you invent every day to keep the cogs turning keeps the finances at the heart of the business and surely, that is the key to a successful business, it needs to support itself and grow.

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Look for free money

So, in the true bootstrapping spirit I looked for free money. I decided that if we were going to grow the business, increase its value and contribute to the economy with exports, taxes and jobs, there was sure to be some help out there.

Advice on protecting our intellectual property (IP)

In October 2015 we were awarded an Innovation Voucher from Innovate UK to seek advice on our intellectual property position.  This was a major step in moving our business forward.

We interviewed potential suppliers, focusing on their understanding of our technology and finally settled on Briffa.  They were able to advise us and take steps to protect our IP, allowing us to make informed decisions on how best to proceed.

Increasing the value of ScaleCloud

With the award and the subsequent business relationship with Briffa, I knew the company had moved into a new phase. We can now go to investors armed with a more valuable IP position, which has already increased the value of the company.

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