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Touch technology improves hand hygiene in hospitals

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VeraMedico – the future of safer care

Six years ago the Veraz team, based in Lancaster, “invented” a now Patented technology that was both new and novel based on the principle that knowing where people/things are is important - but knowing what they do (touch) is far more telling.

This technology detects when someone has touched (or not) something and reports the occurrence. Using algorithms it is possible to construct pathways using touch or its absence to determines if an act/event has been undertaken (or not) and its associated quality.

This intelligent “touch technology” can be universally used in any industrial, social or commercial sector and as such has an infinite number of applications. The technology is known as “Green Badge” (trading under the VeraMedico brand) because of the mechanism by which positive feedback is provided to the user.

Range of possible applications whittled down to one: hand hygiene in hospitals

Given the universal range of possible applications for the technology, we concluded that the best market-entry point would be one that met a global need of considerable proportions.

With this in mind, we noticed that the issue of healthcare acquired infections in hospitals has been subject to vast media attention since 2006 (especially MRSA and C.difficile) and a key aspect of the problem is a lack of good hand hygiene by clinical staff.

VeraMedico therefore designed their technology focussed on this acknowledged need and now have a market ready product that will have global appeal.

Alaric Best, CEO of Veraz Ltd. wearing our Veramedico equipment at an exhibition stand
Alaric Best, CEO of Veraz Ltd. wearing our Veramedico equipment at an exhibition stand

R&D funding allowed us to run successful clinical trials

Funding for R&D has amounted to c£2 million in total, sourced largely from Innovate UK, along with the Department of Health. Successful clinical trials at University College Hospital, London and Manchester Royal Infirmary have both shown that the use of the technology raises hand hygiene compliance by two thirds. This is acknowledged to be a considerable achievement.

Now ready to enter the UK & USA markets

We are now in a position to enter the healthcare market in England, whilst also planning to gear for a USA presence. We have established supply chains for the manufacture of the technology and the maintenance of installed technology and all regulatory matters are in place for the UK.

Plans for 2016/17 involve finalising product design issues and active marketing of the technology to hospitals in England along with an analysis of opportunity and options for a USA launch in late 2017.

We have responded to the dire state of NHS finances by reengineering the original core technology to now offer a range of low cost bespoke products more focussed on specific hand hygiene events rather than the system being universally applied throughout all wards in entire hospitals. In this way we have made the technology more affordable.

Extending our product range in healthcare and other sectors

For the future, we envisage extended our product range in healthcare to include:

  • patient repositioning
  • urinary catheter management
  • patient location
  • a risk/safety module
  • a system to determine and track optimal ward staffing levels against adverse events
  • machine learning to develop a predictive module that can forecast risk

Additionally, we have tested our system in retail food environments and currently plan to extend this into large-scale food manufacturing along with other more general manufacturing, security and planned maintenance.

Contact us

Please get in touch with us if you would like to know more concerning:

  • The provision of corporate funding to support the formal launch our technology initially into the healthcare market in England in 2016 and then the USA in 2017
  • The deployment of the existing technology in healthcare or new opportunities in other sectors

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