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Gas detection solutions for niche markets

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Why are there bubbles in my soft drink?

Oxygen bubbles in fizzy drink,

When you order a soft drink such as cola or lemonade at a fast food restaurant you’ll notice lots of tiny bubbles in your beverage. But do you know how these bubbles are created? The answer is carbon dioxide, also known as CO2.

Pressurised CO2 is used to carbonate drinks to give it a fizzy acidic flavour, and the presence of bubbles in your drink is the dissolved gas escaping from your container.

This process is usually safe, but if there is a leak in the tubing carrying the gas, COcan leak and potentially cause illness or death.

Detecting exposure to CO2

O2 cells at Analox laboratory
O2 cells at Analox laboratory

To warn staff and the public when the concentration of CO2 rises above a safe level, Analox Sensor Technology (AST) manufacture CO2 sensors for the beverage and hospitality industry.

This is just one of the industries AST caters for, as we provide a range of niche and custom gas detection solutions to customers worldwide.

Gas detection solutions for niche markets

AST manufacture products to monitor a wide range of gases including:

  • CO2, oxygen (O2)
  • carbon monoxide (CO)
  • helium (He)
  • volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

We also have the capability to custom make units to monitor pretty much any gas and supply our products to several industries including:

  • fast-food restaurants
  • laboratories
  • commercial divers
  • even aerospace

What is the story behind AST?

AST is part of the Analox Group, which was founded in 1981, and originally started out as an office above a shop in Guisborough, with eight people.

We began by supplying gas sensors to the commercial diving industry and in the mid 1990s we were developing products to be used in submarines.

By 1996 we were producing our own CO2 analysers, which opened up a new sector of business in the hospitality industry where venues used CO2 as a dispense gas.

Thousands of our CO2 detectors have been fitted in pubs, fast food restaurants, cinemas and breweries.

The range of industries we catered for continued to expand and in 2011, we created Analox Military Systems (AMS) to specifically serve the military market and produce gas monitoring solutions for hostile environments.

Analox has grown considerably over 35 years and progressed from a small office to a purpose built facility in Stokesley to accommodate over 70 employees.

We also have a small US sales team based in sunny California to support our distribution network.

Our involvement with Innovate UK

We are working in partnership with Innovate UK, Camgrain and Cranfield University to carry out a three year project on developing a cereal grain monitoring system to detect early signs of mould growth.

Currently, most grain storage facilities monitor the temperature of stored grain, however research suggests that CO2 monitoring could provide an earlier indication of the initiation of moulding.

As a result of this we are now working on creating an early warning decision support system for post-harvest cereal grain management.

You can find out more about the project by visiting the following link:

Analox’s plans for the future

We are always continuously developing our products and looking at ways to expand into new sectors and territories.

We have several projects underway including the cereal grain monitoring system, and many products in the pipeline which will be keeping us busy for years to come.

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