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Can your business or innovation help save the UK truckloads of C02?

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Low Carbon Freight, green trucks

Heavy-goods vehicles and vans contribute 31% of the UK’s domestic transport greenhouse gas emissions. That’s a big slice.

Just imagine if the van delivering your supermarket weekly shop was zero C02, or those HGVs you passed on the motorway weren’t all diesel.

Innovate UK and our partners at the Office for Low Emission Vehicles are asking:

how can we reduce the C02 these vehicles produce?

And to do that, we are making available up to £24m to help industry tackle this sizeable opportunity through our Low Emissions Freight and Logistics Trial.

A UK challenge and global opportunity

The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) is a team working across government to support the early market for ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEV). OLEV is providing over £900 million to position the UK at the global forefront of ULEV development, manufacture and use. Innovate UK has been working with OLEV since its inception to deliver OLEV’s support for innovation in the ULEV sector.

This will contribute to economic growth and will help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution on our roads.

This isn’t just a UK issue and opportunity of course. Innovations tested in the UK have a global market opportunity as many countries, and increasingly cities, look to tackle C02 by focusing on commercial transport and HGVs.

That’s why, if we can demonstrate via this competition that these technologies are viable and work in the real world of trucks and vans on UK roads, there is a massive business opportunity to commercialise this around the world – not to mention the benefit to our own towns, cities and communities from less C02 from freight.

65 million kms travelled as Low Carbon Truck Trial 1

Low Carbon Freight, truck

In fact, this is the second time we’ve posed this question to innovators and companies. OLEV and Innovate UK ran the first Low Carbon Truck trial, a precursor to the current competition in 2012, with some impressive results.

OLEV provided £11.3 million of funding to support 12 projects across the UK, with total investment of over £23 million.

The funding supported vehicle technology deployment and supporting infrastructure.

The trail involved 35 participating companies, including:

  • John Lewis Partnership, United Biscuits, Muller-Wiseman and Brit European
  • emission testing companies
  • station providers
  • universities and product developers

By the end of the trial funding period, 380 vehicles were deployed and 25 refuelling sites commissioned around the UK.

In total, these 380 vehicles travelled over 65 million kms as part of the trial – that’s 169 times to the moon. Now is the time to support further innovation in this area.

£24m boost to help innovation and reduce C02 from the road freight sector

Low Carbon Freight, Innovate UK-supported Dearman cool-e truck
Low Carbon Freight, Innovate UK-supported Dearman cool-e truck

The new competition aims to encourage the widespread introduction of low emission vehicles to UK fleets. It covers all sizes of trucks, vans and emergency vehicles. This will help the UK meet its targets on CO2 reduction. It will also help reduce other emissions and reducing fleet operating costs.

See here for all the further information on the low emission freight and logistics competition.

Seize the opportunity and take part

The OLEV and Innovate UK low emission freight and logistics trial is now open for applications for funding until 19th October (with final registrations one week prior to that, 12th October, both noon)

Come and meet me at LCV2016 on the Government Pavilion or hear me speak on Day 2 at 9.30am in the Main Plenary Hall, when I’ll be giving a briefing on this competition.

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