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Introducing 'infocus' women in innovation applicants

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1. SPG Innovation

Who are you?

Sarah Gaunt, SPG Innovation
Sarah Gaunt, SPG Innovation

My name is Sarah Gaunt and I run a small business called SPG Innovation Ltd (@SPGInnovation). I have worked at the interface of academia and industry for many years and am passionate about bringing brilliant science out of the labs into the real world.

My business enables innovators to take their early stage ideas from a ‘once in the lab’ concept to a realistic business proposition in which people will invest serious money.

My main focus is food, agri-tech and life sciences.

I am a mum of two young children and am enjoying (?!) the challenge of running a small business whist trying to be on hand as they grow up.

What is the project you’re asking funding for?

I have entered the Women In Innovation competition in a hope to raise some funding and support for my business idea, which revolves around functional foods for young children (1-5yr).

I am in the process of developing (with the help of some clever people at the University of Nottingham) a range of foods and snacks, which are healthy, convenient and taste good but also have added functions such as helping children relax and enjoy healthy sleeping patterns.

The food range being developed will be low in sugar and salt, with clear labelling to encourage children to eat well. The working title for this project is EatWellSleepWell (@Snozzlefood).

What are your dreams for your business?

I have a vision of creating a business, which will offer parents and children a range of foods that are not currently readily available:

  • foods to help with sleepless nights and tired children
  • protein rich snacks rather than ones which are currently based around sugar and carbohydrates
  • foods which deliver some of the key nutrients which children may be lacking such as vitamin D, Omega oils and iron

I am going to create a website and an app to help with healthy (quick) meal and snack ideas plus tips for helping sleep and general information about how our diet affects different parts of our lives.

The business will be responsible in its advertising, labelling and sourcing of ingredients and materials.

I would like to link all the foods back to a solid scientific basis and will commission research to ensure the efficacy of all our products.

2. The Simplifiers

Who are you?

Mary J Baird Wilcock, The Simplifiers
Mary J Baird Wilcock, The Simplifiers

Hello, my name is Mary Baird-Wilcock, CSEP and I am the Founder and CEO of The Simplifiers, based in Nottingham, England.

We are undercover superheroes who provide an online training solution for events professionals who mentor and empower interns, apprentices and new hires.  Intern training, simplified.

Find us on Twitter: @thesimplifiers and @apprenticeprgm -

What is your business?

We are on a mission to stop horrible internships, both for SMEs and for students.

Our innovative cloud-based software delivers:

  • on-boarding training
  • homework missions
  • pop quizzes
  • private mastermind groups
  • mentor coaching
  • a whole suite of eLearning tools

Where the innovation comes in is that we are transforming what people know about traditional eLearning by adding the capability to now showcase crowd-sourced training content created and shared by our global network of mentors.

We are giving busy mentors all the tools they need to train their team easily and tap into the network for curriculum, structure and training tools, which simplify how people work with interns and apprentices.

What are your dreams for your business?

We hope to win the infocus award so we're able to design the next phase of software development and offer this technology to other sectors beyond the events industry.

We believe SMEs in UK and all over the world (especially in the creative and digital sectors), who constantly have a churn of new interns every term that need training, would greatly benefit from this innovation.

We believe this could be the start of the great internship revolution, integrating crowdsourcing and eLearning into one simple-to-use training tool to make a positive impact on the world.  

3. Flibl

Who are you?

Lauren Razavi, Flibl
Lauren Razavi, Flibl

My name is Lauren Razavi ( and I'm managing director of Flibl (, a content and communications startup based in Norwich.

What is your business?

Through our core services in content strategy and content creation, we guide companies in leveraging and publishing digital content with strategies designed to achieve their business goals.

We manage content projects from conception through to measurement and review, working with a curated network of 2,000 freelance content producers across the world to create:

  • written articles
  • white papers
  • reports
  • infographics
  • podcasts
  • online video

What are your dreams for your business?

We hope to transition from providing content services alone to offering innovative technology solutions alongside those content services, which is why I chose to apply for the Women in Innovation scheme.

Our overall plan is to continually diversify and expand our business activities to help shape the future of publishing, journalism and digital content, in the UK and beyond.

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