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We were on a (space) Mission

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One Mission led to multiple opportunities

Since attending the first Space Mission to Utah and California last August, and Space Mission 2.0 to Houston in November, Oxford Space Systems have achieved significant progress in engaging the US market.

We’re now under an exploratory Confidentiality Agreement with a well-known US space entity. They have since visited us 3 times in the UK and we’re making excellent progress toward contractual commitments.

Additionally, we’re in discussions with a number of VC backed ‘new space’ businesses about using OSS products on their platforms. We’ve also been approached by a couple of US investors.

Take advantage of the next Mission

The upcoming mission to California will be a unique opportunity for UK companies to connect with US investors.

Being profiled as a credible investment opportunity by Innovate UK automatically puts your business ahead of competitors seeking investment.

From experience, US investors are keen to see credible UK opportunities – and especially those that might compliment their existing sector investments in the US.

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I'll be there to help you

I’m very excited to take part in the upcoming Space Mission to California as a mentor, and I’m most looking forward to helping UK entrepreneurs maximise their chance of US market success.

Describing the Space Entrepreneurs Mission as ‘it is what you make it’ could never be truer: what you’ll get out is directly related to the time & effort you put in before flying.

From getting your pitch nailed, to setting up your own meetings alongside of those Mission are critical!

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