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Cost-effective installation and maintenance of tidal turbines

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Contributing to the future of tidal energy generation

Tidal energy generation

Jee Ltd is an independent subsea engineering and training company with offices in Aberdeen and Tonbridge. Founded by Trevor Jee in 1988, we now offer engineering services spanning the entire project lifecycle from design, operations support, integrity management and decommissioning for the global oil, gas and renewables industries.

I have been with Jee for over 9 years and have been involved in many projects ranging from pipeline design, lifetime extension studies (to allow pipelines to be operated beyond their design life) and more recently subsea cable-related projects such as design, routing and analysis for the wind and tidal industries.

The Excalibur project is a fantastic opportunity to work in the developing tidal sector and help solve problems that could really have an impact on how quickly we can export power to the grid. We are able to use our experience from oil and gas projects as well as from past wind farm projects to contribute to the future of tidal energy generation.

Our tidal array cable solution: Excalibur

Excalibur is a novel subsea infrastructure solution for the deployment of tidal turbines and the protection of the associated subsea cables. It will enable the cost-effective installation and maintenance of the turbines, also known as tidal energy converters (TECs), on a large scale. It will also standardise and modularise the design of the structural foundation, cables, cable protection system and the TEC connection to the infrastructure. Ultimately, the solution will reduce the levelised cost of energy (LCOE), which is a metric used to compare cost to generate each unit of power taking into account lifetime costs and inflation.

Our concept for Excalibur is built on our previous success with a novel cable protection solution for aggressive tidal environments. We recently carried out a full-scale test of this device in the waters around Orkney. Excalibur incorporates the cable protection benefits of this device with a unique way of accessing the TECs in the dry.

Looking ahead

The aim of this project with Innovate UK is to prove the concept with the support of a steering group, so that it can be taken to the next phase – detailed design and testing. We are keen to market the device globally so that the off-the-shelf solution can drive down CAPEX costs for all developers, regardless of technology.

As a company, we are focussed on supporting the growing renewables industry with new, innovative solutions for offshore wind, tidal and wave. We hope that Excalibur will help the tidal industry deliver cost-effective projects by reducing the overall LCOE to make more projects viable and economical, whilst also improving reliability.

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