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Building a Connected & Autonomous Vehicles community

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There is a huge amount of activity in the UK focused on Connected & Autonomous Vehicles.

UK is a great source of innovative minds (supported by world leading universities) and has a fantastic engineering community, having delivered to the world, to name a few:

  • the steam engine
  • carbon fibre
  • the world wide web
  • graphene

The UK also has a fantastically supportive environment for research and development. The UK regulations around testing vehicles are supportive of allowing innovation to flourish while making sure the public are protected. The focal point in Government through the Centre for Connected & Autonomous Vehicles (CCAV) to ensure future legislation can adapt quickly as needed.

Money to invest in Connected & Autonomous Vehicles

Transport Catapult Lutz pathfinder pod

On top of this there is a tremendous amount of financial support available to business led R&D projects in this space. CCAV have £100m to invest over 5 years including £35m having been made available in 2016 to support a new wave of projects. Innovate UK also continue to invest in supporting and enabling technology, whilst delivering CCAVs investment.

All this is ensuring the UK is a world leader in developing and testing connected and autonomous vehicles.

Creating a directory of CAV collaboration partners

With the rapid development of this sector, we are often asked by companies interested in this space to help them find companies with specific skills or experience, be this to work on commercial projects or perhaps take advantage of the further funding available in the near future.

Of course CCAV, Innovate UK and the KTN are always happy to connect companies, but due to the levels of interest we thought it may helpful to have a directory of companies working in this space.

A directory of potential CAV collaboration partners has arrived

We’ve put together an initial document, which you can search through, to try and help companies find what others are working on and aid collaboration. We will continue to develop and update this over the next couple of years, and we hope it helps you find possible partners in this exciting area.

If you want to find companies working in the UK on Connected & Autonomous Vehicle technology, why not get in contact with the Knowledge Transfer Network or have a look at some of the companies involved in the pdf directory.

Want to be added to our CAV directory?

If you are a company that wants to be added to the directory, please download and complete the pitching template and send it to

Projects currently supported by the Centre for Connected & Autonomous Vehicles and Innovate UK 

Funding Competition Project Number Lead Organisation Project Title Link
Introducing driverless cars to UK roads 102200 TRL Ltd GATEway
102201 Ove Arup & Partners Limited UK Autodrive
102202 Atkins Limited VENTURER
Connected and Autonomous Vehicles - CRD 102581 Visteon Engineering Services Limited UK Connected Intelligent Transport Environment (UK CITE)
102582 Atkins Limited FLOURISH
102583 Westfield Sportscars Ltd INSIGHT
102584 Robert Bosch Limited MOVE-UK
102585 Tructyre Fleet Management Ltd Pathway to Autonomous Commercial Vehicles
102586 Control F1 Ltd i-MOTORS
102587 Richmond Design & Marketing Limited INTACT
102588 Immense Simulations Ltd Tools for autonomous logistics operations and management
Connected and Autonomous Vehicles - Technical FS 132267 Oxbotica Ltd Enabling Affordable Autonomy Using Hybrid Dense Vision
132269 Myrtle Software Ltd Efficient Computer Vision ADAS Hardware for Connected and Autonomous Vechicles
132270 Navtech Radar Ltd A feasibility study into the use of radar technology for environment mapping on autonomous vehicles
132271 Ordnance Survey Limited Atlas
132272 AVL Powertrain UK Limited Virtual validation Environment for Driver Assistance Systems (VEDAS)
132274 Thingful Limited Connected Car Data - Creating new business models
132275 Emissions Analytics Limited Optimised Vehicle Autonomy for Ride and Emissions
132276 Euratom/CCFE PAVE
132277 Roke Manor Research Limited Road Accident 3D Reconstruction
132278 Machines With Vision Limited Pinpoint
132279 Autord Ltd Autonomous Motorcycle Platform Feasibility
132280 Aptcore Limited A Low Cost Hardware and Software Platform for Situational Awareness of Autonomous Vehicles

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  1. Comment by Paul Gadd posted on

    Innovate UK have published two new funding opportunities that could help both low emission and connected and autonomous vehicle communities

    The £15m "Innovation in infrastructure systems round 2" opens on 16 January 2017 with registration to apply closing on 15 March . The 4 priority areas include 'smart' infrastructure, connected transport and energy systems. This could be a great opportunity for companies interested in the infrastructure side of low emissions and connected vehicles so please do have look.

    The £15m "Open programme round 2" opened on 5 December with registration to apply closing 1 February 2017. As it sounds, the scope of the competition is very open so if you have a time critical project this could be an excellent source of funding support.

  2. Comment by Alex Lawrence-Berkeley posted on

    There are lots of other resources of companies working on the technology online, such as as well as those providing support services to the sector such as

    Best place to start is at free events, run by KTN (in the UK) or community groups such as DIY Robocars and