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Revolutionising HR hiring process

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My name is Clemens Aichholzer and I’m the founder and CEO of MindX Ltd. I used to be an M&A banker and hedge fund portfolio manager in London and Geneva, but decided to follow my strong passions for entrepreneurship and innovation to set up my own venture! MindX is an HR tech startup. Our mission is to revolutionise and disrupt the way companies identify, select and grow talents.

Using gamification & big data for HR recruitment

MindX, pathfinder
MindX pathfinder software on a phone screen

The core idea behind MindX is to leverage the latest developments in science and technology to help employers hire the best candidates and develop their employees.

Despite widespread use of psychometric assessments—in the UK, approx. 75% of companies with >100 employees include them in their hiring process—the majority of firms say they’re underwhelmed by the existing solutions. Many of the available tools just seem a bit outdated and stale.

Consequently, many companies end up over-relying on job interviews for their talent selection, a strategy that business psychologists have convincingly discredited. Most people–including HR professionals–simply overestimate their own judgement, intuition and instincts when it comes to hiring…and this proves to be a very costly mistake.

At MindX, we use psychometrics, gamification, mobile tech, and big data analytics to empower companies to upgrade their recruitment and selection process. We also plan to integrate machine learning soon!

Mix of traditional and innovative recruitment testing tools

On the MINDX Enterprise Portal, employers can quickly configure scientific candidate assessments that constitute a highly effective and distinctively unique mix of traditional and innovative testing tools.

Radically improving applicant experience

While employers use the MINDX Enterprise Portal to manage candidates, configure assessments, and analyse performance data, the MINDX Mobile App serves as the candidate interface. In our view, this radically improves the applicant experience in several important ways:

  • Mobile interaction—candidates get invited by their prospective employer to complete a tailored set of fast-paced and secure tests on their phone
  • Gamified assessment—some of these tests come in the form of psychometrically-designed and engaging video games!
  • Professional self-development—at the end of the MindX assessment, further contributing to a candidate-centric hiring process, applicants get automated, constructive performance feedback no matter what

Democratising effect on hiring

MindX on a phone screen

Candidates’ performance data contributes to a fairer, more scientific selection process. Being able to demonstrate your skills in a relevant and effective assessment helps level the playing field…it’s no longer only about your resume, i.e. past achievements!

In fact, we hope that MindX can help ‘non-conventional’ applicants (who haven’t attended a top school nor worked for a bluechip) get a chance with the best employers.

Equally importantly, our cost-effective, self-serve tech solution empowers smaller companies such as start-ups and SMEs to introduce scientifically-designed pre-hire assessment into their recruitment process. In the ever-intensifying war for talent, this has traditionally been a source of competitive advantage for larger corporates with the necessary HR resources!

Smart recruitment solution creating fairer selection process

Over the next five years, we intend to make a meaningful difference to the way employers reach out to, select and grow talents.

We want to provide real value to companies by offering a smart solution that is grounded in technology and science, complementing the human element in recruiting.

We also want to improve the opportunity and experience for jobseekers by helping to create a fairer, more transparent selection process.

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