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Meet our Manufacturing and Materials team

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The Manufacturing and Materials sector team are a group of experts bringing together the areas of:

  • Automotive
  • Autonomous Connected Vehicles
  • Aerospace
  • High value manufacturing
  • Advanced materials
  • Resource efficiency

Our aim is to enable UK businesses across all sectors to develop transformative manufacturing and materials capabilities that are flexible and resource-efficient, ensuring leading-edge products are manufacturing-ready and that the value of UK manufacturing and materials innovation benefits the UK economy.

Here’s a chance to meet the Manufacturing and Materials team. They will introduce themselves below.

Simon Edmonds, Director of Manufacturing & Materials 

Portrait of Simon Edmonds

I took up the role of Manufacturing and Materials Director in April 2016. I joined Innovate UK in 2013 as the Director of the Catapult programme, which has established 11 Catapult technology and innovation centres over the last three years. Before joining Innovate UK, I was a Director in the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy and its predecessor departments. I ran the industrial sector teams: was Director Innovation and then was Senior Responsible Owner and Director for the Closure and Transition of Regional Development Agencies, before finally running the Government’s £3.2 billion Regional Growth Fund.


Twitter: @SJSEdmonds


Roland Meister - Head of Automotive, Aerospace and Autonomous Connected Vehicles

Portrait of Roland Meister

My team and I work with government innovation partners and their collaborative research and development funding. We help companies turn technology and business model concepts into successful product and service innovation that boosts the UK economy by delivering policy objectives, such as improved air quality through an ultra low emission and autonomous transport system. Before joining Innovate UK, I worked at Ricardo Technical Consultants as Chief Engineer of hybrid and electric vehicle systems after my decade in professional Motorsport innovation.


Twitter: @MrRMeister

Tim O'Brien – Senior Programme Manager for Automotive

Portrait of Tim O'Brien

I joined Innovate UK in September 2007 to lead the influential Low Carbon Vehicles Innovation Platform. Since then, the platform has generated R&D investments exceeding £500 million. For most of my earlier career, I've worked in the consumer electronics sector (Engineering and Operations roles) for multinational companies.

Neale Ryan – Innovation Lead for Automotive

Portrait of Neale Ryan

I joined Innovate UK in June 2014 and help deliver its automotive programmes, including our low carbon and autonomous vehicles activity with OLEV, CCAV and BEIS. I focus on supporting our portfolio of live projects, including helping our partners and stakeholders understand the impact of our low carbon vehicles funding in bringing new technologies to the market and supporting UK economic growth.


Paul Gadd - Innovation Lead for Autonomous & Connected Vehicles

Portrait of Paul Gadd

I deliver Innovate UK’s support in the strategically exciting area of Autonomous and Connected Vehicles. One of the main roles is to support the Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CCAV) and the delivery of £100m over 5 years supporting industry led research and development projects in this space.

Previously I was Programme Manager for Low Carbon Vehicles managing the Integrated Delivery Programme for the LCV team, which aims to bridge the gap between strategic research and new vehicle development.



Dr Anna Wise - Innovation Lead for Batteries

Dr Anna Wise, Innovation Lead – Batteries
Portrait of Dr Anna Wise

I joined the Automotive team of Innovate UK in June 2017. My focus is delivering the innovation programmes in battery technology for electric vehicles, in particular the innovation aspect of the £246 million Faraday Challenge. Before joining Innovate UK I was based in the USA at Stanford University and SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. There I carried out collaborative research with business and academia to understand battery behaviour using high intensity X-rays.


Oyebola Bello – Programme Analyst for Low Carbon Vehicles Innovation Platform

Portrait of Oyebola Bello

I joined Innovate UK in June 2014 as Programme Analyst for the Low Carbon Vehicles Innovation Platform. Before joining Innovate UK, I performed a Programme Management Office Coordinator role in IT for Getronics UK. Prior to this, I was a Project Manager/Coordinator for Microsoft UK.


John Morlidge – Innovation Lead for Aerospace

Portrait of John Morlidge

I lead on strategy for Innovate UK's Aerospace programme and support the delivery of the Aerospace Technology Institute programme. My technical expertise is in materials science, corrosion prevention and instrumentation. Before joining Innovate UK, I spent over 15 years working in a variety of senior roles in the private sector.


Justin Davies-Trigg – Innovation Lead for Aerospace

Portrait of Justin Davies-Trigg

In my role, I am responsible for delivery of the ATI R&T Programme Portfolio - partnership with BEIS and Aerospace Technology Institute – and the Innovate UK Highly Innovative Technology Enablers in Aerospace (HITEA) programme. Before joining Innovate UK, I spent 10 years in the aerospace sector in various technical and management roles within large UK companies. My main technical areas of expertise are primary aircraft structures (composite and metallic), systems installations, and cabin systems (including premium class seating).


Twitter: @DaviesTrigg

Simon Masters – Innovation Lead for Aerospace

Portrait of Simon Masters

I joined Innovate UK in January 2014. I'm responsible for technical aspects relating to the Aerospace Technology Institute programme and running the Innovate UK Highly Innovative Technology Enablers in Aerospace (HITEA) programme. Before joining Innovate UK, I held various key positions in the civil and military aerospace sectors.


Selina So – Programme Analyst for Aerospace

Portrait of Selina So

I'm responsible for supporting the Aerospace team in monitoring and delivering the Aerospace Technology Institute Programme and Innovate UK Highly Innovative Technology Enablers in Aerospace (HITEA) programme. For the past decade, I have been working within the aerospace and defence sector.  My experience is predominantly in project management as well as data analysis.  My previous assignments have been with large organisations such as Atkins (Aerospace), Magellan and Rolls Royce.


Twitter: @SoselinaSo

Louise Mothersole – National Contact Point for Transport

Portrait of Louise Mothersole

I am the Horizon 2020 UK National Contact Point for Transport. I cover the full range of transport including trains, planes, and automobiles along with ships, trams, buses, freight, intelligent transport systems, infrastructure, autonomous transport systems, urban mobility and the technologies relating to these. I support any UK applicant hoping to take part in European research, development and innovation projects. 


Robin Wilson – Interim Head of Manufacturing

Portrait of Robin Wilson

I joined Innovate UK in 2009. My main areas of focus are the mechanical engineering disciplines of manufacturing, including additive manufacturing and 3D printing. Before this role with Innovate UK, I was in automotive product development for over 25 years. My responsibilities included implementing new manufacturing information architectures for what is now Jaguar Land Rover’s current generation of lightweight and hybrid vehicles.


Andy Sellars – Innovation Lead for  High Value Manufacturing

Portrait of Andy Sellars

I joined the High Value Manufacturing team at Innovate UK in 2013 taking responsibility for advanced materials and electronics manufacturing. Building strategic alliances between industry, government and academia, I developed the business case for the Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult, which was announced in January 2016.


Twitter: @andy_g_sellars

Gerry Flynn – Innovation Lead for High Value Manufacturing

Portrait of Gerry Flynn

I joined Innovate UK in February 2014. My main focus is on the processing industries, such as chemical, food, pharmaceutical (large and small molecule), and coatings. Before joining Innovate UK, I held senior positions in research, manufacturing and commercial roles with a global materials company.


Lynne McGregor - Innovation Lead for Manufacturing and Materials

Portrait of Lynne McGregor

I have been with Innovate UK for over 4 years and specialise in the take up and innovation of digital tools and approaches in manufacturing. Prior to this, I spent 8 years at Imperial Innovations, providing incubation services for start-up companies, leading seed investment rounds, and serving on spin-out company boards, where I have also helped troubleshoot early stage challenges in these companies.


Craig Sharp – National Contact Point and Global Innovation Lead for Advanced Manufacturing and Processing

Portrait of Craig Sharp

I provide advice and support for UK organisations interested in applying into the Horizon 2020 European programme. My specific area covers Factories of the Future, Energy Efficient Buildings and Process Industries (SPIRE) calls.

Jacqui Murray - Head of Advanced Materials

Portrait of Jacqui Murray

I am a specialist in automotive steels, regulation and transformational change.  My advanced materials background comes from the UK Steel industry and degrees in Materials Engineering.  Following my MBA, I moved into industrial environmental regulation policy for the Environment Agency and Welsh Government.  I’m bringing three years of programme management experience to the Advanced Materials team to refresh our strategy on how material innovation contributes to UK growth.


Twitter: @jacquimurray25

Lien Ngo – Innovation Lead for Advanced Materials

Portrait of Lien Ngo

I am responsible for helping businesses exploit completely novel substances, such as two-dimensional materials and nanomaterials, as well existing materials, such as high-performing composites and light metal alloys. I also work closely with the Emerging and Enabling Technologies team and with Research Councils UK.


Nick Cliffe – Innovation Lead for Advanced Materials

Portrait of Nick Cliffe

I focus on resource efficiency, circular economy and sustainability - embedding these themes across Innovate UK strategy and competitions. I help innovators consider the wider environmental and societal drivers of their markets and support UK businesses in exploring new manufacturing processes and business models. Before joining Innovate UK I worked for a variety of re-use and recycling businesses.


Twitter: @moriati23

Ben Walsh - Innovation Lead for Advanced Materials

Portrait of Ben Walsh

I'm responsible for helping businesses commercialise advanced materials.  I help coordinate support for companies so that they can compete with innovative new materials in international markets. A chemist by training, before joining Innovate UK, I worked for a small consultancy advising government on resource efficiency, in particular around nanotechnology.


Twitter: @Dr_BenWalsh

Dr Kalyan Sarma - Global Innovation Lead for Nanotechnologies & Advanced Materials

Portrait of Dr Kalyan Sarma

I provide advice and support for UK organisations interested in applying into the Horizon 2020 European programme. My specific area covers Nanotechnologies and Advanced Materials calls. Prior to joining Innovate UK I worked for a Singaporean based technology incubator. Much of my recent experience has been around early stage technology commercialisation, and evolution of existing technology to emerging markets.


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    So,sórry team seem top notch,loads of qualifications.I'm a novice to entrepreneurship would be petrified to approach such experts for fear of embarrassment to myself. Could you not make the team seem more approachable.My idea just small but would save lives on our roads.Not advanced enough to compete with team qualifications.So hard to gain backing for first business venture.Many thanks for the meeting though.