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Delivering customer loyalty with ParcelHero

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My name is Roger Sumner-Rivers and I’m the founder and MD of the ParcelHero Group. 20 years ago I went to work for a same-day courier company as a sales person. Within 12 months I had doubled the size of the company and the owner offered me a share in a new courier company he wanted to start. From there we diversified into overnight delivery; and, with e-commerce still relatively young but growing fast, I started to think about how best to evolve an industry still based on endless paper forms into a tech-led sector with enormous potential.

Integrate courier services into your own website

ParcelVision objectives
ParcelVision objectives

ParcelVision is a cloud-based logistics solution that integrates existing courier infrastructures into a business’ own website. ParcelVision optimises the choice of courier for any given package, based on price and ‘on-time delivery’ performance, and then prints the shipping labels in the retailer’s warehouse.

Retailers can turn couriers on and off at the touch of a button

ParcelVision in action
ParcelVision in action

In the era of Amazon Prime Now, consumers expect a wide choice of shipping times, from cheap or free services to next day and same day deliveries. Currently, many retailers – even larger ones - fail to offer simple innovations, such as click and collect, which reduce cost for their customers and can be far more convenient. In such a competitive market, retailers that do not innovate are at risk of being left behind… And that’s where ParcelVision comes in!

By calculating the cost of each carrier, for each individual order, retailers can reduce delivery costs by up to 30%.

However, 66% of retailers do not optimise because the technology needed is highly complex and expensive to develop. ParcelVision finally gives these retailers the opportunity to make huge savings on logistics.

Retailers perform one simple integration with ParcelVision, then never have to integrate with any courier ever again. Once integrated, retailers can turn couriers on and off at the touch of a button, then let ParcelVision optimise the choice of courier, produce shipping labels and manage after sales.

Transform the way retailers manage their logistics

My goal is to enable retailers to transform the way they manage their logistics, and open new markets for exporters that were previously unviable due to high delivery costs. ParcelVision has the potential to be a global leader in this highly competitive field, and a new UK technology champion.

First commercial licensing agreements

ParcelVision recently won funding from Innovate UK to develop ParcelVision as a cloud software service. This enabled us to build and scale a UK development team to expand the project. In 2016, thanks to Innovate UK’s grant, ParcelVision agreed its first commercial licensing agreements, most notably with a French company, ADS, who are the launch customer for our new cloud product. ADS, part of the Rakuten group of companies, send over 80,000 shipments per day, a major endorsement of our technology.

Scale & respond quickly to change

Over the next five years we plan to launch in the US and across the EU, then scale the business globally. As a cloud technology provider, we can scale quickly, and we are so excited to show the world the exciting potential our technology offers.

ParcelVision can also swiftly respond to changes in shipping requirements for Britain in a post-Brexit world, whatever that might look like. ParcelVision technology already prepares paperwork automatically for Customs clearance beyond the European Union, and so is ideally placed to meet any changing EU border requirements.

Designed to adapt continuously

ParcelHero’s latest industry report, 2030: The Death of the High Street, predicts that around half of existing High Street stores will fall victim to the growth of e-commerce by 2030 if retailers do not embrace new technology. ParcelVision is designed to adapt continuously to deliver new options as they come on stream in the future: from drones and droids to deliveries straight to people’s car boot.

We started off ParcelVision in an industry still dominated by paper forms: today ParcelVision gives retailers fast online booking, and a wide choice of delivery times and prices with the world’s leading couriers to 220 countries. But we’re not stopping here. As the delivery industry evolves ParcelVision’s cloud software is ideally placed to be at the forefront of developments, and deliver the future for UK retailers and exporters.

Find out more about ParcelVision

ParcelVision already powers ParcelHero, see it in action at

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