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What is graphene and what is its potential economic impact?

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Graphene - the world's first 2D material

Derived from Graphite, Graphene is the world’s first 2D material.

Just a single atom deep and super flexible

Over 200 times stronger than steel and a million times thinner than a strand of hair; it’s just a single atom deep.

It’s super flexible, incredibly light and very conductive.

Graphene mixes well with other materials

It can be used in different applications as a single layer or as a stack of layers and it can also be mixed with other materials and liquids.

In short, it’s the material of the future and opportunities for its use are potentially enormous.

What is the economic potential for Graphene?

Some experts say the global market for Graphene-based products could be worth £500m by 2020.

Graphene already features in a range of industries

It’s already being used in wearable tech, tennis rackets and lightbulbs, but more significantly it’s being developed for use in cars, aircrafts, buildings and energy storage.

Strong, light and flexible, it could dramatically increase efficiency and new markets will open and existing processes will be revolutionised.

The UK is a leading figure in Graphene

Its unique structure means there are possibilities for an enormous impact on water purification processes.

Graphene’s electrical and thermal properties could be huge for the electronics market and it could have multiple uses across healthcare, sport and defence.

And the great thing is, the UK is a leading figure in the development of Graphene.


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  1. Comment by J Mike Bushy owner of CKCB Ltd posted on

    I first knitted Carbon Fiber in the 80s. I first came across Carbon Fibre that is not only fire poof it also is Thermal Property's so if you look at the problems at the Grenville Block, to improve the thermal property's if you added the Shoddy as a brace and then use the Carbon Fibre /Zine covering
    It is my amim to use this material as the braces of my battery to obtain a larger wattage for battery's that could be portable or moveable on a truck, and could be use as a Power pack to hold the power and can be moveable and away from charge points
    My telephone Number is 07887922191

  2. Comment by Malcolm Banks posted on

    How about body armour ? I am involved in developing a light weight flexible body armour for the troops. Its been fired at and the results look good.

    Productions is a wet mould system without vacuum bag, or the autoclaive.

    We set and make our own tooling for trials and small runs, and we produce 3 dimentional protatypes.

    May stir your interest. Malc