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Adding the perception of touch to virtual reality

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Virtual reality is a completely new domain of the human experience generation.

It has the potential to achieve something that has never been possible before. It can:

  • boost your empathy
  • teach you how to conduct surgery
  • move you out of your social bubble
  • move you out of your body

The whole area of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) even has its own name - immersive technology.

Our vision at Valkyrie Industries is to enhance this immersiveness by adding the perception of touch to video and audio in virtual reality.

Perception of touch to VR

Building a team to ignite creativity

Our company was created when Kourosh and Ivan met at the Deep Science Ventures incubator in January 2017, motivated to use our respective expertise to change human perception.

We come from very different backgrounds:

  1. product design / innovation strategy
  2. academic micro-electronics / material science

Such difference may sometimes spontaneously ignite with creativity, which is constantly happening in our case. To add to this spark, we have brought Oliver into our team, a computational designer / VR-coder (and an architect).

The team is formed, the idea is shaped. What’s next?

In order to kick-start our company, we needed some budgetary momentum, and have therefore directed our attention to grant funding and angel investors. The Innovate UK design foundation grant was perfectly suited for our idea, since it required a design-led approach (we have a perfect innovation strategist in our team) and an early stage ambitious idea (we had a vague goal of bringing touch to VR). Filling the application also brought much more clarity to our idea.

Couple of months of uncertainty, frantic search for matching funding, fast learning of legal matters and accounting… And here we are. We started the Innovate UK design foundation grant on the 1st of July.

Funding allows us to freely experiment with technological solutions

We believe that this grant will allow our company to overcome the obstacle of the first unclear months of the business, when we need to freely experiment with various technological solutions without jeopardizing our company’s future. We are looking at bringing the product to a huge range of customers and becoming used in various unique markets. Our ambition is to become a ubiquitous platform for a realistic tactile technology.

You can find information about us on, watch video about our first prototype, or follow us on Twitter @Valkyrie_VR.

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