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Videos of UK innovations in digital energy

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There is plenty of change happening in the energy industry and most of it is related to how digital systems will link the different elements together.

Take a look at these videos, which showcase the top UK innovations in digital energy that Innovate UK has funded.

Upside Energy: balancing peak supply and demand for electricity


Innovate UK-supported Upside Energy has created smart-grid technology that eases peak-time pressure on National Grid by connecting a range of common devices that store energy, from backup batteries to electric hot water tanks, through the Internet of Things.

The ambitious start-up based in the UK is at the forefront of the new energy system whose aim is to transform the electricity industry. Their aim is to reduce greenhouse gases by enabling people to make smart choices about when to use energy.

Cumulus Energy Storage to revolutionise renewable energy market

Cumulus Energy Storage, one of the UK’s most promising cleantech SMEs, has obtained seed funding after attending Missions run by Innovate UK and the Department for International Trade.

Cumulus uses technology similar to that already used in the mining industry, to produce a rechargeable Copper/Zinc battery that is safe, reliable and sustainable. The process allows this to be used as a re-chargeable grid-storage battery, using inexpensive, recyclable materials.

GridDuck: smart energy innovator explores global markets

GridDuck devised a low-cost way of exploiting electricity demand-response incentives with a wireless hub and switches. EEN helped the company to find a commercial partner and hardware manufacturers to test its novel solution.

The GridDuck smart hub connects to your WiFi network and integrates with our wireless smart plugs, relays and switches to make it quick, cheap and easy to get started with Demand Response.

Zeta Specialist Lighting: alternative to traditional lightbulbs

The new Lifebulb from Zeta Specialist Lighting has no warm-up time and contains no glass or mercury, so it doesn't need specialised recycling -- and it also works well with dimmer switches.  The innovative bulb uses only 10W of energy to create the brightness of a 60W bulb, this is much less than conventional energy saving bulbs currently in the market.

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