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What is advanced therapy and what is its potential economic impact?

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Using stem cells, genes and tissues for treatment

Advanced therapies are new approaches to medicine that use stem cells, genes and tissues to treat a wide range of conditions.

These therapies have the potential to transform the treatments of some diseases.

For example, patients with haemophilia currently need regular injections to help their blood clot.

Removing a life-long need for medication

Treatments using gene therapy may remove the life-long need for medication by getting the patient’s own cells to make the missing factor.   Similarly, patients may be helped to regain function following a stroke with the use of stem cells.

So advanced therapies may offer treatments for some conditions that are currently hard to treat and in some cases actually lead to a lasting cure.


Over £500m invested since 2010

Clinical trials for advanced therapies are currently working on treatments for a range of conditions including cancer and degenerative diseases and over £500 million of gene and cell therapy venture capital funding has been invested since 2010.

By 2025 the market could be worth £14bn

Worldwide the market is estimated to grow to £14 billion by 2025.

Large numbers of highly-skilled jobs are being created in the industry and specialist centres across the UK are currently working out how best to deliver these treatments to patients and translate research into commercially viable products.

This will help cement the UK’s position at the forefront of the cell and gene therapy industry. The long-term impact on the health system could be huge.

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