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Meet some of the Queen's award for enterprise winners

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The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are for outstanding achievement by UK businesses in the categories of:

  • innovation
  • international trade
  • sustainable development
  • promoting opportunity through social mobility

We are involved because the awards represent a great opportunity for the UK’s most innovative businesses to gain the international recognition that comes from the prestigious award.

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Meet some of the winners

We thought you might be interested in meeting a few of the winners and we will be adding to this blog going forward.

M Squared

Who are you and what was your idea?

I'm Dr Graeme Malcolm OBE, CEO and Founder of M Squared. I'm a scientist at heart, and I've created three high-growth photonics companies during my career. I am passionate about supporting the development of novel science and turning ideas into useful applications that benefit society.

I founded M Squared in 2006 to engineer ‘best in class’ scientific lasers, to build a world-leading innovation business and to develop new technology for emerging markets such as quantum technology.

I launched M Squared with this mantra in mind: Do one thing well. It worked: our first laser, SolsTiS, was a significant breakthrough in terms of scientific laser product design, using novel physics to create continuous-wave and tunable laser light on an unparalleled ‘small’ scale.

This laser platform has led to some amazing breakthroughs across many scientific fields, notably quantum mechanics. It is behind the world’s most accurate clocks, the first demonstration of teleportation of information, single pixel cameras, and antimatter experimentation. This innovation alone helped us win a Queen's Award for Enterprise in Innovation in 2016 and given that 80-90% of our sales are international we also collected a Queen's Award for Enterprise in International Trade in 2017.

We've come along way in the past decade - our global sales have now reached circa £14 million, we're selling into 30 countries, we employ around 100 staff, and we've secured over 220 patents. We develop new technology in-house and we also collaborate with over 80 innovation partners in 17 countries, to maximise our impact throughout the world.

Why is your idea going to make the world a better place?

Photonics and quantum technologies are used in a huge number of ways – in the laboratory, in industry and everyday life – for example, for data storage on mobile phones.

M Squared is now at the stage where it is engineering quantum devices for measuring gravity. Such devices will enable us to see what's underground before we start digging transforming archaeological surveying, underground infrastructure assessment, even mineral exploration and extraction, earth observation and seismic activity mapping.

M Squared has also developed innovative microscopes for neuroscientists, oncologists and pathologists to use – devices which use light/lasers to build high-resolution images of live sub-cellular tissues and help to build our understanding of diseases such as cancer and dementia.

Chemical sensor lasers can identify the chemical composition of a substance or gas, even when it’s invisible to the human eye, and M Squared has developed a laser that can tune in on explosives, chemical warfare agents, even a leak in a petrochemical plant. Our devices can be used to detect hidden threats and prevent the loss of life.

M Squared is a deep science business (around 40% of our employees have a PhD in physics) and everyone is highly energized and innately curious. Everyone is on the M Squared mission – to harness the power of light to drive society-changing innovation.

How do people contact you for more information?

Explore the M2Lasers website 

Follow us on Twitter @M2Lasers 


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