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Changing how the world eats: Saturn Bioponics’ growing revolution

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We believe that the current food system is broken, and it’s not working for anyone – including the consumer. That’s why at Saturn Bioponics, we’re working towards evolving the primary food production industry.

Saturn Bioponics AlexFisher and Arnoud Witteveen looking at some of the crops being grown.
Saturn Bioponics AlexFisher & Arnoud Witteveen

Feeding the global population is a major challenge

We’re doing this because right now, the industry is causing serious harm to the environment. It’s not the picture many have of food production. In fact, feeding the global population is a major challenge that requires industrial scales of production. Farming is industrial whether people like it or not.

This has caused issues across the world – soil has been overworked, leading to exhaustion, contamination issues and increased pressure for chemical treatments. Fresh produce grown in the traditional way (in soil, in a field) is energy, resource and labour intensive. However, while food prices are at an all-time low, producers are struggling to make money, leading to costs being cut to the bone.

Once you accept this the fact that farming is inherently industrial, you have to decide whether you want a dirty industry or a clean industry – we choose clean.

Saturn Bioponics Alex Fisher shown in among the greenery being grown.
Saturn Bioponics Alex Fisher

A better way to grow

This is why we’ve developed 3D hydroponic towers to grow food, which provide a much higher production rate and lower environmental impact than soil farming.

The towers are brown-field capable too, enabling anyone, anywhere in the world to produce significant quantities of crop.

We weren’t the first to try 3D hydroponics as an alternative to traditional soil farming. In fact, there are already systems currently available on the market, but what we’ve created is the first and only commercially viable system. We’re not looking at urban farming, high value production or niche markets, rather commercial farming at a scale that offers improved quality, traceability and yield, on top of a return on investment for the farmer.

3D hydroponic towers, showing towers of plants being grown in a massive greenhouse.
3D hydroponic towers

It’s time we knew more about our food

The demand for better traceability, clearer labelling, less chemicals and higher quality food needs to ultimately come from Britain’s consumers - if consumers demand something, retailers will always respond.

The food industry is notoriously price-driven and people tend to think less about quality. For things to change, there needs to be a way of clearly identifying the improved health and quality benefits of food produced in a more mindful way.

Turning an idea into a success requires three things: hard work, self-sacrifice, and partnership with good people. We have a dream, we have an idea, and we’re going to pursue that dream, whatever it takes.

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