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We need input on the Horizon 2020 grants you hold

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The Horizon 2020 programme offers UK companies a significant opportunity to access new knowledge, markets, customers and suppliers.

If you are one of the grant recipients we need your details to be registered on our database as we prepare for all possible Brexit eventualities.

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Is your business one of the 2,000 Horizon 2020 grant recipients?

To date, we have supported nearly 2000 unique UK businesses to engage in the programme, a vast majority of them SMEs. And we will continue to proactively support UK companies through partnering events such as one on regenerative medicine in Sweden just last week or our upcoming webinar on battery related calls.

Our National Contact Point never tire of highlighting the impact this support has had on SMEs they have worked with such as Perpetuum and Promethean who have scaled up their operations and successfully reached global markets.

Supporting the continuation of Horizon 2020 projects

Now, while it is the Government’s ambition to ensure this collaboration can continue beyond EU exit, we must plan for all eventualities, including a no deal scenario.

Under such a scenario, we will be in a position to support the continuation of projects through the Government’s Underwrite guarantee, first announced in August 2016.

10 minutes to secure Horizon 2020 funding continuation

However, for this to work, we need to capture some basic information from you via the portal launched late last year.

At this stage, we simply need some information about the grants you hold and a relevant contact in your organisation for the project(s). This contact is likely to be the LEAR (legal entity appointed representative), so that they can be kept informed of the next steps in the process, if necessary.

Keep your registrations coming!

We have had a great response so far from UK grant holders, but we need to make sure no projects fall through.

Please therefore register your project information if you have not done so. If you have a lot of grants you can ask for a spreadsheet from UKRI to submit these in bulk.

Equally importantly, please do keep applying to relevant funding opportunities.

Remember, most of the collaborative calls under Horizon 2020 are open to 3rd countries and the extension of the Government’s underwrite means these opportunities can be pursued with confidence even in the event of a no-deal exit. Further, results to date show that there is no evaluator bias against proposals containing UK participants.

You can find a list of Horizon 2020 funding opportunities on the European Commission website and if you have further questions on specific opportunities please contact the relevant UK Horizon 2020 National Contact Point for advice.


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  1. Comment by Nuno Varandas posted on

    unfortunately the system is not working properly and we are not able to submit our ongoing H2020 projects. Could you please advise on how to proceed? thank you

    • Replies to Nuno Varandas>

      Comment by julieervine posted on

      Hi Nuno, I have contacted you directly by email to let you know that this error is probably related to a system outage we experienced on Monday. If you clear your browser history/restart the browser everything should be now working ok.>JE

  2. Comment by Zak posted on

    We found that there was a significant drop in our application score since brexit news became more of a focal point in the worldwide media. We scored 14.1 originally and the same application scored 12.4 and then most recently 9.1. Nothing has changed in the application and we were wondering if this was being impacted by the brexit vote.