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Electech: Enabling the digital future

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For the first time we have a sector-wide view of those enabling technologies in the UK collectively called Electech. Our Electech report maps the breadth of the sector’s capabilities and cross-cutting application potential.

It puts forward a vision for the Electech sector and highlights key pathways to realise it.

What is Electech?

Electech is the enabler of all things digital. It is the hardware and embedded software that allows products and processes to:

  • communicate
  • have power
  • have intelligence
  • have situational awareness
  • be controlled
  • be automated
  • be operated safely and even autonomously

Our Electech report

The report also presents a roadmap that outlines key Electech developments required for a range of expected applications projected across a short, medium and long-term view.

We are setting out a high-level landscape of Electech as an enabling sector of technologies and innovations that underpin a wide range of products and solutions across virtually all sectors of the UK economy. The report articulates a vision for Electech and presents a roadmap of technological developments across key application areas.

It is the electronics, photonics, electrical, optical technology and embedded software that enables and controls complex systems.

Building blocks to growth

The capabilities and underlying technology areas of Electech are indispensable building blocks for enabling innovative solutions to address the Industrial Strategy’s Grand Challenges.

Electech is the underpinning thread required to generate longer-term productivity increases and economic growth across the range of the Industrial Strategy challenge fund’s challenge areas and associated industry sectors.

Essential to transformation and growth

One of the main views of the report is that Electech’s underpinning power to transform and grow industry sectors and its important contribution to the UK economy, merit a broad recognition across the UK’s research and innovation landscape, from policy development to R&D agendas, industrial initiatives, and associated public and private investments. 


The report and roadmap led by Innovate UK’s electronics, sensors and photonics team in collaboration with Electech’s key stakeholders, has grown out of wide consultations across the sector and beyond and are the result of extensive analysis, workshops and interviews with representatives from key companies and industry organisations.

The report was developed to have a wide appeal across industrial sectors and stakeholder communities. By highlighting the value that can be harnessed from advances in frontier Electech technologies and innovations it is very much hoped that this report will play a part in ensuring the delivery of that value is maximised.

Download the Electech report here.


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