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Transforming Construction Lean Launch Programme

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The Transforming Construction Lean Launch Programme will accelerate academic-led projects to help them transition from research to industry.

The built environment is critical to the wellbeing of society and underpins 43% of GDP. Yet it is one of the last remaining industries to truly modernise, adopt digital approaches and become more efficient. The UKRI Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund: Transforming Construction programme (TCC) seeks to address this problem by investing in innovations that are rapidly overturning an outdated system, one that is characterised by methods that add cost but not value and isn’t working for anyone.

Construction innovation projects

To deliver transformation we have invested in over 70 new research and innovation projects for the construction sector. Organisations range from micro-SMEs to large companies, and a significant number of academic institutions that lend scholarly rigour to activities.

To enable change, innovations need to be adopted! 

However, early-stage research projects, such as those emerging from the academic base, can find it particularly difficult to scale their ideas as considerable capital is required, and such investment opportunities may appear too risky to commercial backers. Recognising this, TCC is collaborating with Innovate UK’s Innovation to Commercialisation of University Research (ICURe) programme and has launched a pioneering activity to accelerate the impact potential of the academic-led projects supported by the TCC.

Transforming Construction Lean Launch Programme

Called the Transforming Construction Lean Launch Programme, it accelerates academic-led projects to the point where they are ready to transition the gap from research to industry, and from public to private investment. Over 10 weeks we are guiding teams through the process of evaluating the commercial, social, and environmental impact of their construction projects using a proven and highly effective market discovery process.

The early-stage research projects selected from the TCC portfolio have started their journey and Innovate UK is providing the expertise in developing and validating adoption strategies for new innovation based on commercial value. The next steps for us are to investigate new mechanisms being developed by the finance sector to recognise social and environmental impact delivered by targeted interventions and engage the investor community, which TCC will be doing with

Tackling UK construction innovation challenges

Using this ground-breaking approach, the Transforming Construction Lean Launch programme directly addresses a series of challenges currently being tackled independently by each of the major stakeholder groups involved in the innovation lifecycle:

  • Academia
  • Industry
  • Government 
  • Finance

Most importantly the activity links our TCC output directly to its impact against the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in a format ready for evaluation by industry and investors specialising in impact investing; a £300 billion source of new capital investment. A business model that we hope will have influence on the wider research and innovation activities of UKRI.

About the Transforming Construction Challenge

The Transforming Construction Challenge is an integral part of the Construction Sector Deal, aiming to accelerate the shift towards manufacturing and digital construction processes and a value outcome approach.

UK Research and Innovation have established a Construction Innovation Hub and Active Building Centre to encourage collaboration and modern methods of construction. Learn more about the Transforming Construction network and other Clean Growth challenges


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