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We’re moving to – and need your input

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Innovate UK’s online presence is moving to the new UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) website.  Our news and funding opportunities are already on the UKRI website at, and this summer we will start to transition content from our site to the new UKRI site – including the Innovate UK blog.

We need your help

Help us to design a website that is easy to navigate - because understanding our audience’s needs across Innovate UK and UKRI is important to help inform our decisions on design and content. Your insight will shape the look and functionality of our web pages. To do this we need to work closely with our colleagues and customers, to gather crucial insight on how the website is used:

  • what are you looking for?
  • can you find it on our website?
  • is it easy to find? Is it easy to read and understand?
  • does it point to what you can do next?

We would like you to participate in our user research. We'll be running different rounds of research for insight at different times over the coming months, relevant to a variety of audiences depending on what they visit our website for.

Sign up to take part in user research.

10 websites into one

This is all part of a larger transition where the websites of Innovate UK, the Research Councils and Research England are moving into one integrated UKRI site. This will be a one-stop-shop for content across all UKRI and councils, including Innovate UK – whether it’s funding opportunities, news or corporate content such as policies and guidance.

The move opens up new possibilities for what we can offer our site visitors. The new funding finder, for instance, has made it possible to search for all funding opportunities in one place, while filtering for open or closed opportunities, award type and funding councils – so you can quickly find what’s funded or co-funded by Innovate UK or other UKRI councils.

For this transition to be successful we will need your input to help us shape the content.

Why are we making the move?

The website project started in 2018 when UKRI carried out a discovery exercise involving over 900 users looking into how the 10 websites associated with UKRI were being used. We found:

  • duplicated information across multiple websites, particularly around funding, research, news stories, and jobs
  • site visitors often went to several of the sites to find the information they were looking for
  • site visitors were generally looking for the same things across the sites, such as funding opportunities

Moving council websites into one integrated UKRI site aims to make it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for, while also providing for each council’s unique voice.

Shaping our new home for Innovate UK

The first phase of the website transformation project culminated in the launch of the new UKRI website at the end of October last year.

The website currently contains the funding finder containing funding opportunities from Innovate UK and all other councils, all news articles from UKRI councils, and UKRI corporate content such as core guidance and policies, as well as our climate change section and Covid-19 section.

During the next phase of the project we’ll gradually transition content from the Innovate UK sites into the UKRI site.

Rather than transitioning all the site information council by council, we will review, transform and transition content in themes throughout 2021. One of the first content themes to transition during the summer will be our Innovate UK blogs, with other themes continuing to be moved across throughout the rest of this year.

Making the web experience simpler

During the content transition we will prioritise, simplify and streamline all content to make sure our visitors can find what they need quickly and efficiently on the new site.

Throughout the process we are involving user groups to identify content that meets user needs, and produce and structure the content so it’s provided in the most effective and easy to find way.

We have worked with the National Archives to store the current sites as an online repository for legacy content. This means that old content will be available at the National Archives Web Archive even after we have reviewed and transitioned web content to the integrated UKRI site.

Understanding our audience’s needs across Innovate UK as part of UKRI, and how visitors are using our website, is important to help inform our decisions on design and content.

This is an opportunity for you to provide insights to shape our content, helping to make Innovate UK's online resource more effective and impactful for businesses, researchers and entrepreneurs alike.

Sign up now to shape the new Innovate UK web experience.


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