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Fionnuala Costello New Programme Development Manager

Fionnuala Costello

Fionnuala is responsible for the strategic management of Open Programmes at Innovate UK. Great ideas can come from anywhere and anyone, so our open programmes, including Open funding, Eureka Eurostars and Knowledge Transfer Partnerships are accessible to all UK-based businesses undertaking innovation, in any technology and any part of the economy.

Often the cutting edge, business led ideas coming into the open programme point to interesting needs and opportunities in the marketplace that UK businesses can fill, with a little support or encouragement from Innovate UK.

Working with Shanghai and accessing the Chinese market

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China smog and transport

We will shortly be announcing the results and successful projects funded through our Industrial Challenge Programmes between the UK and Shanghai. Besides two national competitions we have previously run with China’s central government, and one upcoming on anti-microbial resistance, we …

Maintaining your company’s competitiveness through accessing skills and knowledge from academia

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The process of moving skills and new knowledge into companies, to drive economic impact, is inherently difficult. 69% of companies say that access to skills is a major problem. The most effective route for knowledge transfer to industry from academia …

Visioning the future

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Predicting the future is notoriously difficult, but we can anticipate some growth areas for industry by identifying the areas where people are excited, identifying innovations that are enabling new products and services, and identifying markets where there are drivers for …