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Photograph of Jaimie Johnston Director and Head of Global Systems, Bryden Wood

Jaimie Johnston

Jaimie is the Head of Global Systems at Bryden Wood, with responsibility for both physical systems (design for manufacture and component build solutions for healthcare, education, aviation, pharmaceutical and infrastructure projects), and information systems (data analysis, digital delivery and BIM) in the UK, Europe and Asia.

He wrote the reports ‘Delivery Platforms for Government Assets: Creating a Marketplace for Manufactured Spaces’, ‘Platforms: Bridging the gap between construction + manufacturing’ and 'Data Driven Infrastructure: From digital tools to manufactured components’. These have been adopted by Digital Built Britain as a key articulation of HM Government’s aspiration to adopt a more manufacturing-led approach to construction. Bryden Wood’s work on Platforms to date has already demonstrated how accurate, factory-made components can be assembled by productive, up-skilled people with no previous construction experience.

Jaimie is the Platform Design Lead for the Construction Innovation Hub, working to deploy this thinking at scale. He will be leading the creation of "product family architectures" - standardised platforms and components - for the built assets procured across government. This will require will working with key departments to help them meet their ambitions to deliver the majority of their buildings in this way.