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Olivia Ogbomo

Olivia Ogbomo, project manager in the Future Programmes Team, ISCF. Joined UKRI in August, 2019.
My work is predominantly focused on embedding EDI into ISCF. Working closely with Emily Nott (Head of Diversity and Inclusion, IUK) we have generated the start of positive change towards embedding EDI into processes, templates and challenges.
So far, the greatest achievement in my role is establishing the Challenge Fund’s EDI Advocate Group. This is a group of volunteers across ISCF that convenes for the purpose of sharing ideas, undertaking lessons learnt and contribute to the challenge fund’s EDI strategy. The group never fails to reinvigorate my passion and drive for this agenda. The mix of people and sectors represented makes for a lively and challenging discussion – this group makes me feel hopeful for the future.
Unusually, I qualified physiotherapist, specialising in neurological rehabilitation, a career that I felt I could not continue following the birth of my daughter for reason of flexibility. Other interests: I am an avid netball player, well before the pandemic.