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Agri productivity

Helping Agri-Tech innovators stay ahead of the game

There are so many challenges facing agriculture these days that it’s hard to know where to start – new diseases, labour issues, hyper competitive supply chains, Brexit…?

The opportunity for innovative space applications

Satellite in space orbiting the Earth

The world’s most valuable resource The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data This recent observation by The Economist, has made me wonder if we, as a nation, are making sufficient use of all sources of data. …

Business opportunities in the China's agri-tech sector

Hydroponics infrastructure for precision farming, China

The Internet of Pigs is a good mix of high-tech platform and Chinese humour, but its creators at Beijing-based company Nongxin claim it is the solution to the country’s food security challenges. Home to one of the world’s largest populations, …

Developing aphid resistant wheat for smallholder farmers in Africa

Project partners at kick-off meeting at Rothamsted Research. Emmanuel Ziramba, Gia Aradottir, Tegwe Soko and Toby Bruce

Smallholder farmers in Africa face serious challenges, including yield losses of up to 50% caused by aphid pests. The additional cost of pesticides is often financially prohibitive for these farmers. Providing them with wheat varieties with in-bred aphid resistance suitable …