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Shaping the future of the food industry through disruptive innovation

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Innovate UK funds businesses in the food and drink sector

Disruptive technologies are driving step-changes in UK industries – from applying Formula 1 wireless sensing technologies in health and care settings, to the development of performance capture tools in making films and video games. And the food industry is no …

Developing aphid resistant wheat for smallholder farmers in Africa

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Project partners at kick-off meeting at Rothamsted Research. Emmanuel Ziramba, Gia Aradottir, Tegwe Soko and Toby Bruce

Smallholder farmers in Africa face serious challenges, including yield losses of up to 50% caused by aphid pests. The additional cost of pesticides is often financially prohibitive for these farmers. Providing them with wheat varieties with in-bred aphid resistance suitable …

Meet Sgaia foods

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Hilary Masin of Sgaia at the monthly Vegan Quarter at Leith Market, Edinburgh

Many fear that going vegan means giving up one’s food culture in favour of an ethically aware lifestyle, but when Alberto and I went vegan, we knew that our food culture was going to come with us. Going vegan without …