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Innovate 2016 - time for a reboot?

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Young engineer

From a technology perspective, we live in exciting times. There are four huge technology tsunamis heading our way: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Robotics Big Data the Internet of Things (IoT) These are the four key technologies that power Ocado’s end-to-end e-commerce, …

New kids on the emerging block

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New kids on the block

Over the last six months our Emerging Technologies programme has run competitions in three of the areas we are supporting: Biofilms Graphene Non-animal technologies (NAT) Each attracted a large number of high quality applications and these are a few of …

Uncovering emerging technologies

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UK Capacity in emerging technology: academic and industrial

There’s lots of interest in emerging technologies at the moment and it’s not difficult to see why. It is, however, difficult to succeed. That doesn’t stop governments, companies and research bodies from trying since, well before the fashion or gadget …

Companies at the emerging edge

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Previous blogs have outlined why we consider Emerging Technologies exciting and "impossible". Here we get closer to the reality of creating the industries of tomorrow through the companies working at the forefront of these advances. Ambition drives progress Some of …