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Unlocking the power of medical images with AI for patient benefit and economic growth

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As the deadline for our centres of excellence in medical imaging competition looms, I am thinking of all those across the UK working feverishly on their applications. It is a challenging brief, and it’s great to see that companies, clinicians, …

Introducing our sectors - health & life sciences

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Change is needed in healthcare

Challenges Increasingly, innovation - across all sectors, is being driven by common factors, including: rapidly growing global population ageing demographic increasing urbanisation burden of diseases These factors are accelerating the demand for: more efficiently produced food healthier and traceable food …

Precision medicine – simplifying a complex landscape

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Precision Medicine landscape map

Precision medicine is an emerging approach to the treatment and diagnosis of disease that takes into account variations in a patient’s genes, environment and lifestyle. The UK stakeholder landscape in precision medicine intersects: academia the clinic business The combination of …